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  1. Contest: Suba Games Film Festival
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  5. Contest: Who wants to be a Suba Millionaire?
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  11. Christmas Giveaway 2009!
  12. Suba Points Card Holiday Bonus! (Dec 1st-Dec 31st)
  13. Contest: Who wants to be a Suba Millionaire Winner!
  14. Contest: Film Festival Contest Interview with Swift
  15. Contest: Create your games 2010 New Year’s banner!
  16. Contest: Make My Valentine's Day
  17. FINAL NOTICE: Redeem your Christmas Giveaway Promotion Codes before its too late!
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  23. Kuso Party: Ace VS PT1
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  27. Suba Games: The Second Coming...
  28. GNGWC 2012 AceOnline Grand-Final Tournament
  29. Attention: Halloween Costume Fan Art Contest 2012!
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  31. Suba Games "The Most Glorious Christmas Tree" Contest!
  32. Suba Games March Madness - Poetry is in the air!
  33. Suba Games Fan Fiction Contest
  34. Suba Games Themed Screenshot Contest - May 2013
  35. Suba Games Themed Screenshot Contest! - July 2013
  36. Suba Games Event Calander - July 2013
  37. Priston Tale Character Fiction Contest!