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  1. What you miss most about Lucent Heart and why?
  2. What kind of past in-game Event do you like and suggest a new one (if have)
  3. ★ Lucent Heart Daily Chat ★
  4. RC channel <3
  5. [Update] General Forum Rules
  6. Levelling in LH.
  7. Cookie Time!
  8. Lucent Heart Class Tree
  9. [Update] Lucent Heart Release Date
  10. I have a question?
  11. JP Lucent Heart
  12. when do it come out
  13. what new love skill are they going to put in it
  14. can you have a baby in this one
  15. To Be Answered~
  16. the Japanese Lucent heart
  17. just when will it be relaunch?
  18. What was your favorite Lucent Heart Costume?
  19. Lh jp
  20. Question for Suba
  21. To Do List, Friends invite and Facebook fan
  22. Welcome [CM]Kkid !
  23. Military people playing?
  24. New Website
  25. Healer info request
  26. My heart..
  27. Where's the Fun and Games threads.
  28. so you guys got a reless date for Lucent heart to come out
  29. Dailies' Quests
  30. Pets?
  31. What do you think made Gamania's LH fall?
  32. What Costumes Did You Like In LH & What Kind Would You Like To See?
  33. Poll: Which class are you? :3
  34. LH For Mac
  35. couple questions on jp LH
  36. Look what i dug up~ :D
  37. Were you a former beanfun forum mod?
  38. Has anyone Seen Pajamas?
  39. New LH info!
  40. Quick CM Question
  41. Poll: Which Zodiac sign?
  42. Lucent Heart - Lucent Tales Ongoing Story Contest!
  43. Question about Dances
  44. Zodiac for spellpower
  45. New player here! need some adivce on zodiac sign...
  46. Question about Zodiac skills
  47. Loyalty
  48. When it opens.....
  49. Looking for someone? Post it here!
  50. Where do you with think the shops should be?
  51. Windows 8
  52. Signature Shops
  53. So..What did you do after lucent heart shut down?
  54. Achieved 1,000 + Facebook Likes!
  55. Is there a Lucent Heart Database / Tutorial / Walkthrough Site?
  56. Running Lucent Heart in a Different Platform
  57. Does anyone
  58. What Class Suits Your Personality?
  59. how r i be gunner
  60. i look at for friends
  61. I'm so happy!
  62. Ethical question
  63. Looking for Some Information
  64. Any Updates on LH
  65. Favourite love emote
  66. About LH EU server...
  67. Teach GM Edricus about Lucent Heart!
  68. Looking for my mount guide
  69. same-sex soulmates
  70. [Idea] Community Dance
  71. Music to dance to
  72. how muc longer tel it comes out
  73. Official Lucent Heart Forum Rules
  74. I am new in lucent heart,and i need help here.
  75. Little question about the relauching
  76. Lucent Tales - October Edition Winners Announced!
  77. Help to Up Vote SubaGames on Steam
  78. ~Lucent Heart Soul mates~
  79. what you going to do we you met your girlfriend in real life
  80. Meet The Team Interview Series - [GM] Edricus!
  81. Closed Beta Question
  82. Closed Beta Key?
  83. faith system
  84. Closed Beta Events?
  85. Hello!
  86. [Lucent Heart] What will be your class of choice and why?
  87. Closed Beta Prizes
  88. Fashion Question
  89. this is a question for GM only
  90. Lucent Heart Download
  91. Zodiac and Classes
  92. Quick question about old chars
  93. Cbt
  94. How far is supposed to go the bug-hunting during CBT?
  95. So Close!
  96. Lucent Heart Beta Phase Information
  97. Retro Theme Dance Songs
  98. Just a question
  99. Hi guys! :)
  100. wound we able to buy things from the mall and what realms will they be and how manych
  101. First thing you're gonna do!
  102. Which Zodiac best fits Comet Marksman?
  103. How do you/will you buy SubaPoints?
  104. Good day people!
  105. profile name
  106. Hello All
  107. Hii
  108. Servers?
  109. Crafting questions
  110. I suppose it's my time to say HELLO!
  111. Hello =D
  112. If you could
  113. Help >-<
  114. Who is excited for tomorrow?
  115. Closed Beta questions
  116. What where your favourite things to do in old LH?
  117. Chatroom
  118. Makes me happy
  119. Main Theme Song
  120. Help Lucent Heart Wiki Update
  121. The Introduction of the Requiel Family! I have Arrived!
  122. Lucent Heart
  123. im confused
  124. not yet started
  125. Looking for the original members.
  126. Mini-Desserts?
  127. Suba You made a Oppise D:!
  128. Soo... 4 minutes left?
  129. I'm in!
  130. Introduce your Closed Beta Character!
  131. Omf xDD
  132. Trading troubles/Soul Mate emote problems
  133. Character creation
  134. Challenge Board! (probably the first attempted community event)
  135. Add me thread
  136. Rebind keys please
  137. Character creation not all faces available?
  138. can't name character
  139. Craft for Mages ?
  140. Couple system
  141. "Report to the commander of the Knight regiment"
  142. can't check Display in Backpack Items menu
  143. CB Question
  144. CBT Thrid-Jc runthrough
  145. Dual Wield?
  146. "Get Dressed" quest - Item mall
  147. Busco gente que hable espaƱol/Seeking People who speak Spanish
  148. Problems with change class
  149. Any mature players on LH?
  150. Item Name?
  151. Warehouse
  152. West Coast Players...?
  153. Teleport cores changes
  154. In Game Censor
  155. My heart is not lucent :(
  156. First time playing
  157. The matching system should take age into consideration.
  158. [Event] Community Dance (Official Date & Time!)
  159. Character deletion time.
  160. Weapon Drops
  161. Action bar does not behave properly. Plz help. D:
  162. Question on crafting skills.
  163. Character questions!
  164. Cookie is Scared
  165. General MMO Manners and Courtesy
  166. Moon Flame Envoy or Galaxy Sage
  167. Lucent Heart CB Dance Off
  168. KM and GvG
  169. Please shorten your CBt time and give a go ahead for OBt
  170. Durability Issue
  171. Job change nulled quest error...Help?
  172. Taking Cupid too seriously is problematic...>.>
  173. Newbie Questions
  174. What I Found in Reddit. We should make a subreddit for Lucent Heart :)
  175. Eventure System
  176. Is success potions important to be obtainable in game?
  177. Please implement Knight Training Ground in game.
  178. I've made a fan-made trailer, tell me what you think.
  179. Lucent Heart Temporary In Game Rules
  180. When will you change that banner!?
  181. The Zodiac Encylcopedia Feauture (Hot key: Y) is not working
  182. Level 36 Job Change Dungeon Helper Thread
  183. SSL Connection Error
  184. Sponsoring a Wedding in Lucent Heart before the end of CBT
  185. Happy Holydays :)
  186. Happy Holidays To All...
  187. Open pvp?
  188. Gunner
  189. Lucent Heart Database/Compendium
  190. Lvl 55 Hero Tyrant killed in closed beta xD
  191. Starry Sky Treasure Box and Time Rewards List
  192. a little idea
  193. Healing criticals
  194. OBT and class fun fact question
  195. Phantasma class
  196. Closed beta closes on 30th but when exactly?
  197. What is PERC?
  198. SubaGames 4th Annual Film Festival!
  199. A Look Back on Closed Beta
  200. System who count the time spent IG
  201. Dawn Prophet vs Sun Commissioner
  202. Closing Event for Closed Beta
  203. Open Beta!
  204. Lets Keep The Community
  205. The highlight of your experiences in Closed Beta
  206. Pisces Skill
  207. Class Skills
  208. Official Open Beta Information
  209. Can someone teach me how to make a good chart table in wiki?
  210. Meet The Team! Interview Series - [CM] Kkid!
  211. A New Wiki?
  212. @Fryh Concerning Wikia
  213. SM system = marriage?
  214. LH Feedback (Item Mall & More)
  215. Fryh's Official LH Wikia Project
  216. Faith System
  217. Aries MFE vs Scorp MFE
  218. Comet Marksman or Moon Flame Envoy?
  219. Round-Table discussion
  220. What is KM time?
  221. Only A Couple More Days...
  222. Closed beta has ended...
  223. New Emotes, Babies, and More!
  224. Req: advice over profession to choice
  225. Official Open Beta Contest News & More
  226. Probably a stupid question..
  227. Bored? Wiki Game System Descriptions
  228. Stupid question but.........
  229. New Comers(Start over)
  230. Please welcome our first Moderators - Oxycore & Aurelle!
  231. Cannot finish a quest?
  232. Crafting Profession for mage/mfe?
  233. skills for mage?
  234. Thread Editing
  235. Location of the Guides subforum
  236. SolarGuardian sign?
  237. About Lucent Heart
  238. Changing professions - or do I need to?
  239. Character names and deletion question
  240. Introduce Your OBT Character(s)!
  241. please help me this quest A Sword for Self-Defense!!!!
  242. Official Durability List of Items
  243. Addressing Open Beta
  244. Where can i get the pet called Piscis Austrinus?
  245. Nocturnal Luminous Flower quest help Q.Q
  246. Two Questions
  247. Where can i get the pet called Hugo?
  248. need help
  249. How do i enter the Celestial Temple?
  250. Quick Question