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  1. Zodiac System/Astrolabe guide
  2. How to Remove the Clicking Sound
  3. Zodiac Attributes
  4. Faith system
  5. Zones Guide
  6. Regiment guide from FairyTail guild
  7. [Guide] Guild Emblem - Transparent Targa Files
  8. [Guide]Instance Guide
  9. [Guide] Star Cores and the Prophecy Assembling Platform
  10. [Guide] Phantom Warlock Class
  11. [Guide] Pet Squad
  12. [Guide] Support Ticket
  13. [Guide] How to form a Guild
  14. [Guide] Quests (Under Construction)
  15. [Guide] How to use weapon & shield stands (House Furniture)
  16. [Guide] Ares' Dungeon
  17. [Guide] Starting Quests to Unlock Bosses
  18. [Guide] Evil Loyalty Questline
  19. Tips on Earning Gold for New Players
  20. Starry Sky Treasure Box: Rewards List
  21. Divine bond list up on wiki
  22. Monsters drop rate
  23. [Guide] Crafting v10 Equipment
  24. [Guide] Airships
  25. [Guide] LH Passive Pets WIKI!
  26. Guide to Schneider and Hera Questline
  27. [Newbie Guide] How to farm golds while you are starter point.
  28. [Newbie Guide] How to Fast level.
  29. [Newbie Guide] Faith Teleportation
  30. [Pixie Guide] Dark Contract - Luna [Pet Lv. 12]
  31. [Pixie Guide] Medical Contract - Nurse Yuna
  32. [Fast Questing Guide] Nidia Dungeon at Misty Forest Quest-line Guide.
  33. [Crafting Quest] Quest Guide Blacksmith Lv.75
  34. [Quest Guide] Science? Magic?
  35. [Crafting Quest] Jewelry Crafting Lv. 01 to Lv. 15