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  1. Wait isn't DS published by gamengame.com?
  2. How long will the closed beta test last till?
  3. cant dowload the client.
  4. Is this the old DivineSouls?
  5. Familiar?
  6. Pls remove fatigue system!
  7. cant download installer
  8. Who Will Be My Sora!?
  9. Thoughts from
  10. Download Link already working for us!! :D
  11. Avast removes DS client.exe
  12. Phys x error on start up, no response from authentication server
  13. EU server?
  14. (Future) French players here?
  15. A look into the past~
  16. Wipe after closed beta?
  17. Can't download the game.
  18. 6 hrs till start !?
  19. The game is ON ?
  20. WHy i Cant create Char,, HElp plsss
  21. A Rant About Divine Souls (including all of the problems I know of)
  22. Divine Souls on Steam
  23. Kinda Let Down
  24. how to work my xbox controller
  25. Interesting Screenshots
  26. Priest trying to level up
  27. Divine Souls Steam Achievement Contest
  28. What happens when you run out of life?
  29. The question who everyone have...
  30. Lol Missed 2x really
  31. Introducing
  32. Problems I have with the game
  33. Darts
  34. Medals
  35. List of Medals
  36. So what about the global chat??
  37. In-game Channel Chat (and other game rules)
  38. I'm sorry but...
  39. need help
  40. Side by side
  41. What Time does the event start
  42. All channels down now?
  43. Like i said before they wont accept the rule..
  44. About CBT keys
  45. AutoKick from Dungeon
  46. Re: Someone stole my Ids "ProFusion" and "Ononono"
  47. Having trouble logging in.
  48. What is going on with the server?
  49. Anything you want to say to us???
  50. Is this game worth playing?
  51. A weird error while starting the launcher
  52. DP and AP event for DS
  53. comment ont supprime un compte ? :(
  54. Beta Key
  55. Lvl up a Guild
  56. Hi im From EPT ^_^
  57. Question for the GMs
  58. Suba Games 2014 Halloween Fan Art Contest! Submission Thread
  59. How long is DS going to be on Beta?
  60. Open Beta Rewards
  61. New channel Name
  62. Review; Divine Souls
  63. Climb Event
  64. Divine Souls Nominated for Best MOBA!
  65. Where is the divine souls cash shop?
  66. Read this if you have lag!
  67. divine souls isnt working
  68. how u level ur guild?
  69. File missing or corrupt
  70. Scratch card
  71. No one is in game?
  72. The too easy to miss generator room quest in the sewer zone
  73. Pet egg
  74. o.o oh ok.. we can download it are we allow to play? confused lol
  75. Streaming. ART
  76. Some bugs and some idea
  77. Black Screeen
  78. Does anyone play this game?
  79. wondering...
  80. YooN - pls read
  81. anything new...
  82. Les joueurs Fran├žais
  83. Divine Soul on steam still playable at now 2016 its open beta is tako long time 2014
  84. i wanna play this game in keyboard mode
  85. Party matching question and 1 random question?
  86. Is Divine Souls still supported here ?