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  1. +1 Here everybody who wants the old OutSpark version!
  2. Mentoring
  3. Feedback: Years later, game is horrible and past its expiry.
  4. Since it's an old game... [Suggestions]
  5. Dungeon Instance Save/Refresh
  6. Everyone complains about Fatigue so...
  7. Levels Experience.
  8. Stack up inventory item suggestion
  9. Tutorial section - check of the mouse activation
  10. Quest listed in the dungeon selection map
  11. Pvp
  12. Exp
  13. Patch reports to game/server please !
  14. Get more stuff in the shop please
  15. Lack of Mod's ??? so why not players Mod's
  16. How to FIX this game.
  17. Fatigue Problems