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  1. unable to download
  2. Can't launch due to PhysX Error - AMD Video Card
  3. Game Wont Start
  4. Side by Side Error on Launcher
  5. physx initialization
  6. Common Errors
  7. Problem
  8. Wrong password or ID doesn't exist.
  9. No Response From The Authentication Server. Please Try Again Later
  10. sxstrace.exe bug
  11. Europe Players
  12. "Impossible to connect to login server"
  13. Can't start Divine Souls HELP PLS!!
  14. My friend can't log in
  15. Wrong ID or password
  16. Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad not working properly :(
  17. Error Logs
  18. Can't download
  19. Can't login errors
  20. Will it ever?
  21. MaxEXP vs Fatigue
  22. Connection is past due
  23. Can't change clan settings
  24. Getting more bugs!!!
  25. Can't see any channels
  26. Cannot connect to channel
  27. d3dx9_43.dll error. I REALLY need help PLEASE
  28. Curious about a possble error
  29. Cant start the launcher HELP
  30. trying to figure out my old ID and PW
  31. Game Won't start.............
  32. i need some serious help here
  33. No Emails being sent to my email and can't find any past emails.
  34. Invisbile In Mat.
  35. Problem in Dx9
  36. Please, help.
  37. The game doesn't run.
  38. I can not download the game
  39. Ajuda erro na inicializaĆ§Ć£o
  40. I Cant log in to the Game
  41. Just made an acc and downloaded and got an issue yet!
  42. Lost and Confused...
  43. First Quest Bug
  44. Error when I select my character
  45. Blocked ID
  46. Q80 bug
  47. Problem With the textures
  48. cant see any channel
  49. DS shop not working, can not buy any item with Sp
  50. Website halp?
  51. Running in background no game load
  52. When do they answer tickets
  53. please help!! install in progress is not working
  54. Can't change my game settings after setting a bad resolution
  55. i can't to connect
  56. How To Play?? Try Logging In First! :)
  57. "Account Has No Beta Key" - What's mean?
  58. Game only runs once
  59. I need a GMs help I don't know what more to do
  60. Database busy, please try later or contact customer service.
  61. How to get Shock Sniper
  62. ec spamm alert
  63. Where to enter the beta key? :)
  64. play on Mac OS?
  65. Need Help
  66. subapoints and buying subapoints
  67. help (ayuda)
  68. Help me please, I have a lot of lags.
  69. Black screen
  70. Unannounced maintenace?
  71. Server is not activated.