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  1. Any updates?
  2. Any P2P client download?
  3. Really guys no 1080p resolutioni
  4. Client crash on log-in screen (not trying to access game, just log-in)
  5. Chat Box ( LOL im so bored anna talk to people and make more friends xD )
  6. DoMO mule question
  7. Would like some info from a veteran please?
  8. Virus when starting up the DOMO client? o_o
  9. Can we change the font on this game?
  10. ExecParam.ini Optimisations
  11. Item Mall
  12. Will there be a wipe after closed beta?
  13. suba's prizes
  14. Bugs Already-Or me just being picky xP
  15. The time is nearly upon us....
  16. Countdown to DOMO thread!
  17. Log in screen crash
  18. Glitch?
  19. Resolution
  20. This is the start of something awesome!
  21. i have an error with the download PLEASE HELP!
  22. DoMo music
  23. What the...?
  24. West coast time ?
  25. Will you be playing DOMO today?
  26. Where Are the 16:9 Resolutions Like 1920x1080?
  27. New Player/User Death6986
  28. where is bug report thread?
  29. Share You'r Old Domo Characters
  30. Tips/Hints/Info for CB - updating as we go
  32. Login question just in-case
  33. Streaming DOMO @2pm PST
  34. Tutorial Autoloot Parties!
  35. DOMO Class and Sub class Explain ?
  36. Domo Classes sneak peak?
  37. Spare CB Key.
  38. Making friends! ^_^
  39. Who else is waiting with the browser open?
  40. Main reasons NOT to play DOMO
  41. Allo dreamers and mirror people alike!
  42. Any roleplayers out there?
  43. Im lonely.
  44. Congratulations on domos release!!!
  45. Am I the only one on the forums still?
  46. Login Issues
  47. Disappointing.
  48. DOMO black screen??
  49. Did your Domo crash? (Black screen)
  50. Stuck after Character Creation
  51. Connection Closed
  52. Friday the 13th.
  53. STOP posting about your connection issue.
  54. SO.... No Domo?
  55. Where do I report bugs?
  56. Can't log in but you can still add friends, view the map and your character.
  57. Strange error on login (not the black screen or D/C)
  58. Weird Translation Thing...
  59. Black Screen on DOMO ? Not surprise
  60. Hanging Out With the Unfortunate
  61. Let's play a game
  62. 2nd chances are about Preparation and action
  63. Jsayin
  64. Bored with the blackscreen?
  65. "Id Data Is Being Saved Please Load Later" - Less common error?
  66. Anyone here that can only play at odd times?
  67. DOMO Login Issues. (Read before posting your issues)
  68. Crona
  69. Bugged: Team Guide
  70. What if..?
  71. Is a GM aware of the Black Screen of DOOOOOOOM???
  72. Are you angry/ upset/ sad about the black screen?
  73. Streaming ART
  74. Pepsimancer hates me :(
  75. Autoloot not working sometimes o.o
  76. Login Screen Glitches/Bugs
  77. hot-keys/macros
  78. While we wait: Domo veteran ask thread/questionnaire
  79. I wonder about the classes...
  80. Are there still racial abilities?
  81. here to make new friends and waiting for domo to get fixed
  82. Can't log back in
  83. Login Screen Word too small
  84. Possible cause
  85. How long does it take for the system to refresh user ID?
  86. it would seem closed beta for domo hasn't started
  87. So what class is everyone going to play?
  88. I'm in! Others?
  89. How to Disable the chat filter
  90. strange D/C bug
  91. Server down?
  92. Did the servers go down?
  93. Font size
  94. Rollback?
  95. "Connection closed"
  96. Healer here: How grouping-focused is this game?
  97. Skype group ;o;
  98. Server IP Address
  99. Open Discussion: Server problems, log-in issues, rollbacks, etc POST HERE WITH ISSUES
  100. Discovered issues
  101. To Anyone Having Issues With Tiny Text
  102. TIP: Seeing "spots" or "dots" randomly in the in-game text? Here's a fix for you.
  103. Fencer/blademaster (starter classes)
  104. Resolution & Text problems Temporary Fix
  105. We need something like this.
  106. Class Discussion
  107. The Domo Story...Something to pass the time while we wait!
  108. Good Etiquette
  109. A CBT reward and requirement confirmed
  110. [RELEASE] Server Status Indicator
  111. DOMO on Linux?
  112. So happy that my favourite MMO is back ^_^ However...
  113. Increase in-game Font size?
  114. BUGS -- Official Bugs report thread please?
  115. Adjusting Text size
  116. DOMO.exe stopped working + Settings reset?
  117. Rebind keys possible?
  118. Closed Beta rewards
  119. Game freezes within seconds of opening [Temporary fix]
  120. Domo + Win8 + Compatibility mode = instant crash
  121. Issues I've found.
  122. Please add dancer :(
  123. Zodiac?
  124. text size, color etc, so hard to read
  125. Soooo no pets to test in closed beta? :/
  126. Loading screen reboots system
  127. Quest Tracker?
  128. Where the hell are these?! D:
  129. Unknowingly revived with SubaPoints
  130. Hitting a SUPER COMBO every time!
  131. Text Font & Toolbar Size
  132. Relationship Bonuses.
  133. beat class set up/ class change is yours the best?
  134. Autoloot
  135. I need help
  136. Evercrash
  137. Forgot bank pin
  138. Not a huge problem, but
  139. Dream of mirror question...
  140. Font is messed up
  141. Changing Hotkeys
  142. Quest tracker
  143. Teleportation not working?
  144. Something positive I want to point out in DOMO CB
  145. id password error
  146. Domo is not compatible with windows 8.1
  147. Thief build advice
  148. Flying Pupu Tour Registration spam in Eversun
  149. Game Crashing straight off
  150. Change Font
  151. Flying Pupu Tour Registration Spam
  152. Warning: Using revival/teleport options will consume suba points
  153. Fate line broken?
  154. Texts too small
  155. Text size too small
  156. Options
  157. How to earn fast gold
  158. Gold on Revival
  159. List of things that should be added/improved
  160. Skills Question(?) Please help the Gathering ^_^
  161. Dunno where exactly to talk about it.. - Suggestions!
  162. No witch doctor
  163. Alchemy ?
  164. Wands are 1 hand or 2 handed weapons?
  165. Level 20 reward?
  166. Blind as a bat
  167. Hey everyone, My oppinion on CBT(should we get higher goals?)
  168. need help on starting the game
  169. What boss or enemy has kicked your bum hardest so far?
  170. I can't read any words!
  171. A way to increase the TERRIBLE player render/draw distance in Eversun City?
  172. Does "Number of characters" in options do anything? Doesn't seem to for me.
  173. Leveling Recommendations Anyone?
  174. Spawn killing
  175. Job change question
  176. Tallest and Shortest height for Male Human Race.
  177. Plans for a EU SERVER?
  178. How do I get into Farrell Family Crypt floor 2?
  179. 28 DEX? Why?
  180. Log in servers down?
  181. Party Problem
  182. [Request] Make a Guide or Class Sub-Forum [for MOD/GMs]
  183. Alchemy Services!
  184. DOMO help needed!
  185. DOMO Reddit Page?
  186. Questions about AoE Castors
  187. CBT rewards???
  188. Game Freeze After Server Select
  189. Thoughts on Auction House
  190. Game freezes/crashes before login
  191. [Event] Closed Beta Screenshot Contest
  192. What should we expect?
  193. The Server Issues of CB - Up
  194. Spend on Domo?
  195. The Unofficial Dream of Mirror Online Closed Beta Community on Razer Comms.
  196. Hotkeys and Controls?
  197. Nurse sarah
  198. [Forum Game] What are You doing while DOMO is down on Family Day?
  199. What part of DOMO keeps you dedicated?
  200. [Forum Game] Sentence game!
  201. Open Letter to Subagames Staff Regarding Dream of Mirror Online Closed Beta
  202. Communication
  203. How long....
  204. So what if the server is down for a day?
  205. [Time Wasting] Silly pictures/gifs
  206. closed beta key
  207. Will there be a MAC support for the game?
  208. Dear New DoMO players..
  209. Do Merc Formations stack?
  210. PvPing Skillfully?
  211. tips for next time servers' are down
  212. ATTACK SPEED, does it affect CASTING or COOLDOWN Speed?
  213. Did the servers magically come up earlier yesterday?
  214. Cant Login i get this message " Connection Closed "
  215. Community what if..
  216. Connection Closed
  217. Lack of seeing buffs
  218. Getting Bullied
  219. Time frame on maint?
  220. While the server's are down...
  221. Loggin In
  222. Forum Mods, Fancy Fonts
  223. Inability to log in
  224. connection closed
  225. Crashed again?
  226. Servers Down, Derp Up
  227. Facebook post! DOMO news<3
  228. Cartoon Effects = Flashing models
  229. Is there anyting stopping you from leveling multiple accounts to 20?
  230. how to get se pets?
  231. "ID Data being saved,please load later...." help plz
  232. Open Letter to Subagames Staff Regarding Dream of Mirror Online Closed Beta
  233. Phoenix Tower Map is Down - DO NOT ENTER
  234. Scroll lock button
  235. Getting really aggrivated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. What the **** suba
  237. Cash Shop
  238. Is it possible to play dream of mirror on mac/mackbook air?
  239. Help Wanted: Looking for helpers for collecting data on the Fated Relationship system
  240. Just a quick question....
  241. [Time Wasting] Welp, atleast there are forums
  242. DOMO Community Group on Facebook
  243. a video to kill time~
  244. Is server down again?
  245. When Open Beta Arrives
  246. Food for thought . . .
  247. Axe or Spear...
  248. From DoMo's Facebook!!!
  249. Swordsman Build?
  250. Build For Muse?