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  1. CONDENSED BUG REPORT THREAD - Report issues, bugs, etc. here
  2. [Solution]Font Problem, and MingLiU Not Work (Windows 10)
  3. Bug Reporting Rules Center
  4. Text Cutoff Bugs
  5. Localization Issues
  6. Color Coding error: Alchemy Mission for Job Worker #1
  7. Window Not Responding
  8. Bug: Window Button Bug
  9. Bug: Eversun's inn road step
  10. Quest Bug: Team title Quest / WASD option issue
  11. DoMO Crashes Upon Computer Going To Sleep.
  12. Screenshots look like crap
  13. Missing/Incorrect NPCs
  14. Big bug huge problem xd
  15. Black Screen
  16. bug text get Gold (or Money)
  17. Team chat bug
  18. Login screen bug
  19. Location of Mobs in Map
  20. Text bug
  21. Stackable items not auto-combining in bank
  22. ID can't use because of online
  23. Ugh!
  24. offlinecheck.inf not exist.
  25. Disconnect
  26. Head armor unequipped after game drops
  27. Crash Bug
  28. Headless Characters
  29. ID Data has been save please try again later
  30. King of Eversun City Title
  31. Level 30 Shaman LQ
  32. Quest Crash
  33. Misleading words on Quest.
  34. Possible dreamstone bug
  35. After update, client crashes
  36. ohh my legs!!
  37. Phoenix Tower Crash [+Pic Attached]
  38. Eversun Elder Text Bug
  39. Mirror Quest Bugs
  40. Update failed
  41. Teleporting costs Suba Points
  42. Stretched Graphics Bug
  43. Eversun South Assault (1)
  44. Copperhorn Mountain NPC
  45. Eversun Elder Glitch?
  46. Game crashes at login ID & Password
  47. Burning Backdraft buff description incorrect
  48. Client Unresponsive
  49. Missing translation
  50. Black Screen
  51. Black screen after login
  52. Pet experience sharing
  53. Eversun South Crashing
  54. Few things I found
  55. Can't login, client shows 2 servers
  56. "Show HP bar" doesn't work
  57. Item Distribution Glitch?
  58. The egg shells stay
  59. Pet hack.
  60. Quest locations on different maps.
  61. Party Glitch?
  62. serverlist.txt corrupted on internet dropout
  63. Chat indentation for long name characters during PAS or TEAM chat only.
  64. Cannot see team buffs
  65. Disconnecting
  66. Bug reports in other topics
  67. Game freeze at Login Screen
  68. Getting caught up during autorun
  69. PAS are funky for me
  70. Not getting rewards from quest/others
  71. Disobedient pets and other bugs
  72. I found this guy standing next to the evenrsun guide
  73. UI reset
  74. Menus remain/don't scale after changing resolution
  75. Mirror King Judgement
  76. Database busy
  77. Stairs
  78. cant create a character
  79. connection closed
  80. Unable to Get into Game 2 servers? Wha...
  81. Potential Reason For Missing Textures in ScreenShots.
  82. Quest Broken
  83. Quest monster location on wrong map.
  84. Force of Infinite Knowledge Time error
  85. Authorization Suspended
  86. Found a NPC that hasn't been translated at all - Relationships bug.
  87. Perverted Zombies
  88. Character disappears when the Camera gets too close
  89. Authority Suspended
  90. rat extermination and lost belongings quest in the inn basement make u lose exp?
  91. Glob stuck in THB floor
  92. CONSTANT Disconnection
  93. The Inn Curb takes another...
  94. Crashes and unsaved settings
  95. Backpack bug
  96. Game not launching
  97. Unable to Login
  98. In-Game Settings Reverting to Default
  99. sword or saber
  100. Freezing at login
  101. Eversun Elder and Darkdale Elder Bugs and Title
  102. Recipes and gold lost after crash
  103. Mirror bug
  104. Forced Crash
  105. Server bug
  106. Minor bug
  107. Missing NPC
  108. Form Friendships bug./ Landing
  109. Level 1+2 collection tools in eversun areas not collecting level 2 materials
  110. Login Crash Temporary Fix?
  111. Can't log in
  112. [Help] ID Data is being saved
  113. Copperhorn Mountain NPC
  114. Level 20 Doctor Lifequest Character Name correction
  115. Student Sara Voucher.
  116. Caskmaster Title
  117. Screenshot Transparency Issue
  118. Screenshot counter not in sync when dual clienting
  119. DOMO client not responding
  120. Magic Messages Text Error
  121. Random little meaningless bug
  122. Armor suddenly de-equipping but remaining visible on the character
  123. Sound Setting won't change
  124. Broken Characters (not own)
  125. Placid Plain is almost Gone!
  126. NPC Glitch
  127. The Walking Dead
  128. Font Display
  129. Can't get past loading screen!
  130. Monster Def Bug and Equipment Stuck when Onyxed or Upgraded
  131. typing in guild chat crashes my game
  132. Possible Stall bug
  133. Everytime Login Error... plzzz fix it ;-(
  134. Cherry Pupu as a Guild Name
  135. Blue Blinking Guild establishment name.
  136. Malformed Chat Crashes Client
  137. Mistranslation on strange item?
  138. Batling... EGG?
  139. Divorce Registrar
  140. Mass Spam trade
  141. Money glitch? exploit? hack?
  142. Login in freeze
  143. Incorrect ID or Password...?
  144. Team Title quest (New Bug)
  145. Why can i not login..(ID Being Saved , Please Load later ) ?
  146. game hanging
  147. Item Collection Bug Again?
  148. Level 30 Musician Life Quest: Untranslated Dialog
  149. Flight stops with UI changes
  150. Dairy Pupu Mama quest
  151. game server has vanished and replaced with meta script
  152. download domo
  153. Minor Bugs
  154. Ghost Zombies
  155. Login Black Screen
  156. I'm inside a statue
  157. Eversun City: The Twilight Zone edition
  158. Minor Bug Swan Lake Basin Assault: Already Killed Dairy Pupu Dada
  159. Achievement not translated
  160. Please Help Me :(
  161. Funny Sword Face Bug
  162. corrupted files
  163. Black screen of death
  164. Problem when i open the game
  165. Wrong Character Selection Screen
  166. Loading into other areas makes a not responding screen and freezes the game.
  167. Patching problems
  168. Trade Problem
  169. text getting cut off
  170. Skinny Char
  171. Swan Lake Basin - Quest typo
  172. Item mall - duplicate item
  173. Getting credit for quest kills
  174. Tutorial last part: Catch a flying Pupu with a Monster Trapping Mirror
  175. Launcher not detecting further updates
  176. ID Data being saved...
  177. Mirror quest time desynchronized
  178. Item Mall Bug: Duplicate items at different prices
  179. no words in team chat
  180. Graphic Bugs
  181. Fortune Badge does NOT affect Provider's Luck
  182. Why is there an exclamation point above my pet's head?
  183. Please Help Me :'(
  184. Client ERROR
  185. Relationship Level Glitch
  186. Minor bug: Game crashing when locking the PC
  187. Can't get inside the game since open beta started
  188. Client Crashes when I talk in Guild chat
  189. Chat Bug
  190. I'm not sure if this is a glitch but...
  191. Disconnected when trying to log in
  192. Dairy Pu Mama request requires you to kill... Pink Pitcher Plants?
  193. Wizard Quest Impossible?
  194. Error message when trying to update the launcher
  195. Can't Start the Game
  196. DOMO "Start Game" Error During Patch
  197. Downloading game (Corrupted files)
  198. daily events?
  199. "connect version errror, please update"
  200. can't stard domo after maintenance
  201. Blademaster All-Out Assault Bugged
  202. Walking Bug
  203. not sure if its a glitch but it gives me the creeps
  204. System Announcment Lagg
  205. Possible glitch/bug from rollback/wipe: Incorrect cup sizes
  206. Black Screen error from closed beta happening
  207. Constant DC
  208. Bots Everywhere
  209. Font size still small
  210. Log in error 0x001
  211. General chat crashing my game?
  212. Wheres teh voodoo careers advisor?!
  213. ID data being saved issues
  214. Makro Inside - DOMO WILL RUIN AGAIN
  215. Buffs Not Showing
  216. Change The GOLD to Suba Points for the rezzes
  217. Inventory Expansion Items Glitch
  218. Banjo Turned Into a Spear?
  219. [Map issue]Eversun South Mine|Besides 'Between Burglar'
  220. Garbled Mirror King Judgement Hunt text
  221. Full to Red
  222. Noddy Quest Bug
  223. Another Way to Rotate Camera in-game?
  224. text size extra small
  225. race change boxes
  226. Can't install game?!
  227. Screen freezeing so much cant even play.*Rather Annoying*
  228. Error ID data Being saved
  229. Id being saved
  230. goodbye domo
  231. Got dissconnected, and now i cant log in
  232. Domo Crashed, Id being saved, try again later...
  233. Status window in the Login screen?
  234. Teammate's buff icons not visible
  235. Private message crashing game
  236. lvl40 Rank up DC problem
  237. Not Responding! Please Help..
  238. ID or password error
  239. Game Stops Responding...
  240. Patch error
  241. Silly Pupu
  242. Please Anyone help me T_T
  243. Why dear ID blocked?
  244. why my ID blocked?
  245. [BUG]Switching to Windows while in Fullscreen
  246. !NOTICE! Character password DOES NOT WORK!
  247. All You Need Is Love [Title]
  248. ID Being Saved, try again later.
  249. canĀ“t do daily events
  250. GM is there any solution on this post