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  1. Font size
  2. Closed Beta Suggestions: Release everything 1.5 weeks left of CB, No progress.
  3. Channelsystem
  4. New Pet Token System for OB
  5. "Equip [Item]" And "[Item] Mastery" Suggestion.
  6. Bridge across river in Swan Lake
  7. Almanac of Gods and Demons
  8. Stacks
  9. Custom Guild Halls
  10. Change exe packer(Currently ASProtect)
  11. New Sound Options
  12. extend ranged attack zone
  13. Frustration emotes
  14. Book shelf.
  15. Female Shura's skin color
  16. IM/MR Minor Revision - Job Levels
  17. Prolong the CBT but add all the jobs for OBT
  18. GM shop of love in OB
  19. Epidemic Event or Something!
  20. Volunteers to help run the events that we used to love
  21. Swear Filter Toggle Option
  22. Can we tone down/ move/shush up the flying pupu register piggy?
  23. More payment options?
  24. Guild Suggestion: Mutiny
  25. Suggestion about the release of OB
  26. Client-Sided Party Rearrangement
  27. Pet Slots
  28. Love for our Mods!
  29. Suggestions Rules Center
  30. Improved Recruitment Screen
  31. [ITEM MALL] Controversial Topics: Do you want to see Sara's in the Item Mall?
  32. [ITEM MALL] Controversial Topics: Do you want to see MP/HP Necklaces in-game?
  33. [IN GAME] Controversial Topics: Do you want to see the Modding System in-game?
  34. suggestion: dyable costumes
  35. Drill Sergeant TIme
  36. Item Mall/In-Game item wishlists
  37. Domo Jail
  38. [IN GAME] Don't Cap Alchemy at Level 50
  39. [GAMEPLAY] Red packets
  40. Item Count - Yellow on Yellow
  41. [GAMEPLAY] Sudden Idea of mine :3
  42. About your support system
  43. OB/Launch Suggestion : Seizers Palace Prize Pool
  44. Wait time between chat posting
  45. Ground Mounts
  46. Puller Missing Alot Of EXP
  47. BroadCast and Trade Channels Level Restriction
  48. Guild vs Guild
  49. Troll Item?
  50. Weapon Dyes
  51. Not having the notification Icon
  52. Job Changing
  53. [ingame] Increase in Hot-Key/Quick-List Windows
  54. Limit PAS Use(Public Address System)
  55. Puntible Items
  56. Journal Exp Buff
  57. what the community really wants
  58. suggestion for partial CB wipe: screenshots for those who remake chars
  59. Suggestions for Chat/Profanity Filter Changes
  60. [Item Mall Suggestion]: "Subscription"-style Package
  61. Some form of confirmation email for kickstart donors
  62. alternate suggestion for pet exchange
  63. Suggestion for Pilfer Title
  64. Suggestion: Item mall reprice - Devil Dust
  65. [Item Mall] Suggestion for items - flying
  66. Invisible Modeling headdress
  67. Almanac Recycler
  68. Pet Sale Indicator
  69. please create a "pet summon" hotkey or pet chat command for summoning pet
  70. ESC key to close buying-stall window
  71. [Help & Suggestion ] About Mercenary Job Classes for DOMO
  72. Almanac of Gods and Demons
  73. Dungeon
  74. 2 usefull items for the Item Mall : Hibernation Box and Small Yun Chang Pill
  75. Scratch Card Promo Codes for Domo Stuff
  76. [in-game] Housing System
  77. [in-game] GameSages
  78. Item Mall Ptele Bulk
  79. Leave 'ass' uncensored
  80. Please get rid of Fencer spam with Wizard spirit buffs
  81. Hiding Players (Blacklist)
  82. Secondary Skill Builds
  83. Bot prevention , 100% guaranteed .
  84. Fix the steps
  85. Badge Timers Don't Go Down While Offline or Unequipped.
  86. lods of emone senpai
  87. a pet exchange please? :3c
  88. DOMO on console
  89. auto-jail kill stealer.
  90. Allow "Almanac of Gods & Demons" to b deleted (and retrievable as empty) or put in WH
  91. Update the daily events & add server timezone in-game?
  92. i know its impossible :3c butone can dream
  93. Guild Buffs (important patch pls)
  94. game sages really needed
  95. Journal Teleport
  96. Mileage Points to Suba Points exchange
  97. New Class Idea?
  98. Name Change Voucher
  99. Need help please
  100. [Suggestion] Mileage Points Shop Item
  101. Magical big pack ( item mall )
  102. Ways to make Metal more useful?
  103. Slotmakers
  104. Ability to Use Space For Pet Nametags.
  105. Players Market improvements ideas.
  106. Please increase the number of people you can BL
  107. Exp boosting unused leveling areas?
  108. Help unlock ID
  109. Item Mall Item Suggestions
  110. Small Yun Chang Spirit Pill
  111. Battlemode: the Premier Hotkey Solution
  112. Mileage Shop of Costumes
  113. Make P.S. Portion of Flag System Always Visible
  114. Gold Transfer Charms and Downgrades
  115. PVP and pets
  116. [EVENT] GM Event Reward Suggestion
  117. An Item Mall suggestion - Forager Fairies in Chance Boxes.
  118. Please remove x10 PAS off Chance item
  119. PAS Spam
  120. GMs on Money Billboard
  121. Removing the Extra PAS from game
  122. Dealing with the PAS Spamming Problem: Suggestions
  123. Wish
  124. Pet Improvements
  125. se pet chance box
  126. Be More Invested In Your Players.
  127. Desperately needed fixes
  128. Inventory bags for guild warehouse
  129. Name Change Scrolls
  130. Sales on the Item Mall
  131. Update SYC Pill to IM
  132. Pills on the IM are too expensive.
  133. Add SE Tokens before Cycling
  134. Daily Event Descriptions
  135. Suggestion to SUBA: Gold/Perm/Pet dump
  136. 1h exp pills in Random Boxes (as fillers)
  137. Place an NPC behind TP dragon things so people can click on them to move to the tp
  138. Do you think Wrong Response Master title is a bit over powered?
  139. Springs
  140. Costume/Item mall auction
  141. Remove Chance Box results from System Broadcast Announcement section
  142. Appearance and Controls/Options
  143. Suggestions: VIP Spots and Trolling Crackdown
  144. Banned list and the reason checker
  145. Few suggestions.
  146. Area king titels, killing titels
  147. Test server absolutely needed
  148. A response to the Wrong response master and Dance nerf.
  149. Permanent Costumes and Lucky Bags
  150. Give back titels real valued.
  151. Magic Rabbit
  152. Prem Costume from Non-tradeable to Tradeable
  153. P/NT and P/T costumes
  154. Suggestion: The implementation of Shady Dealer (NPC) and the Snowman Snowball 2 item
  155. In Game Mail Returns Unread Messages TOO Fast
  156. Timed Skill/Demon Charms, Rings and Job Necklaces to the IM
  157. Cash shop and full inventory message
  158. WRM and DwNM ( real increase point ) bring it back
  159. Premium/casual server
  160. Friendlists showing days off and better display.
  161. Steam SP
  162. Area Channels
  163. Next Level Guild
  164. Change or Balance Exp to Match Gear Progression of SUBA Domo VS IC Domo
  165. Perm Exchange Event
  166. The Time for Nurse Sara
  167. Level 60 Elemental Weapons (Red Hot Poker, Spirit Spooker Saber) Or...
  168. Alchemy gears set lvl in one click! :P [suggestion]
  169. Level Reset for the classes
  170. Bank items - stacking
  171. new items for events?
  172. Mileage Point
  173. About Baby On Your Head
  174. Vanity Pet Storage Box / Storage Item
  175. Idea for GM hosted event
  176. Meru eggsploiter pet
  177. Godwin instance
  178. Almanac of Gods and Demons
  179. Mobile Notification for Scheduled daily event an/or maintenance
  180. [ Multiple Suggestions ] Keybinds & UI Settings + More
  181. Additional tool to fight gold spammers.
  182. Arena Statues, Witch Doctor Skills, and Magic Damage
  183. Guild Log
  184. Device-to-game chat
  185. Buff Icons
  186. Evo3 Love Egg's Special Skill
  187. Removal of Upgrade and Mod Scroll chance boxes
  188. Weapons and Onyx
  189. Elder Mission EXP reward
  190. Upgradable lvl 50 Alternate Weapons
  191. Vanity pet exchange
  192. Serious Advice on DoMO Issues
  193. Gold Weapons
  194. Gem Exchange Fee
  195. Remove Abrasive Agent Requirement from Shiny Gems
  196. Gold/Plat Weapons
  197. Low/High-Grade Rare Gem NPC or direct buy from IM
  198. devil dust system.
  199. Fox Pets
  200. Please revert golden syringe to the old stats
  201. font change option
  202. Easier way to mod. Legendary stat weapon/armor
  203. Dealing with Gold Sellers---PERMANENTLY
  204. DOMO Merchandise Store
  205. exp sharing
  206. Casino Night Item Suggestions
  207. Guild Active Skills
  208. Cosmetic Surgery Trial Voucher
  209. Rare Boss Drops & Bounty System Suggestion
  210. Two new classes?
  211. Auto-stack, Unstick, Auto-loot Advanced
  212. Please increase weapon/armor upgrade success rate.
  213. Future SE9-10-11-. . . . . pets
  214. New Hair Styles
  215. Slay Onyx/Skill Scroll SP Price
  216. more detailed skill info
  217. Easy additional game content
  218. Mileage mall suggestions
  219. Can you make Queen titles?
  220. PK (Player Kill) Map
  221. New GM event?
  222. Yellow FIFA pl0x!
  223. D Point Issues
  224. Periodical events
  225. Sorcerer Suggestions
  226. Blue Kimono
  227. [suggestions] different transformations for reincarnation
  228. Hedgehogs in Spooky's Bottom
  229. Shining Armor Lucky Boxes
  230. DoT Suggestion
  231. Auction House / Stall Insight
  232. Trade Campaign Order for Spooky Btooms keys
  233. Pet item suggestion
  234. Suggestions for DOMO
  235. Gameplay-Zoom
  236. Creation Customization and Pacing
  237. Downgrade Stones and Crystals
  238. [Suggestion] Gifting Through Item Mall.
  239. Transmog
  240. Improve Suba Shinny :p
  241. Accessory Storage
  242. DOMO Wallpaper event
  243. Decreased Title Scroll Trader Girl NPC
  244. Reduce Mai Golai scamming tactic
  245. SP Shop Reincarnation Stones Overpriced
  246. List of Rejected/Impossible Suggestions
  247. Receiving Fairies
  248. Titles Categories
  249. Mirror World Merchant Association Pact
  250. Flash Sale