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  1. A little help please >.<
  2. Password Help
  3. I tried to make a new character and....
  4. I can't log in
  5. F> Tech help, connection keeps timing out on my main PC but works on my spare PC
  6. Mage's Bugs and Skills
  7. Someone please explain the pk/camp system
  8. Clothes for Majin
  9. cannot get pass login page HELP!
  10. Small Kickstarter Question
  11. Game Crash Reports: What were you doing when yours crashed?
  12. I can't login
  13. Cannot Login
  14. Help me pls
  15. D3Device in Luna Online
  16. cannot launch this game why ???
  17. Really slow download speed.
  18. F> Tech help, connection keeps timing out on my main PC but works on my spare PC
  19. cannot launch why?
  20. Connection has timed out?
  21. Help I can not create character??
  22. Cannot login to game
  23. Cannot Login
  24. Where Is Cluricaune in Zakandia Outpost
  25. Server down?
  26. Server up? when?
  27. Quick help please.
  28. Launcher problem
  29. Launcher not updating
  30. Crash
  31. ERROR help
  32. No Vanity Item Received
  33. Runtime Error
  34. How to use Peira.
  35. Launcher Error
  36. Level boxes..
  37. Giveaway Costume event
  38. item help plz
  39. Connection
  40. All word = Blur
  41. PLease help me
  42. New To Luna With A Few Questions
  43. Unable to connect?
  44. Silly question regarding red and blue factions.
  45. When OBT is Start ?
  46. Download taking forever.
  47. Hey guys, i'm pretty new and i have a few questions
  48. Can't See Other Players
  49. Kill Stealing / Bullying / Harassment Early Game.
  50. My Graphic Problem
  51. May i know the GM emails? for some private question
  52. Problem when installing
  53. cant play
  54. GM's HELP (Wish i could message you but your pm's are blocked)
  55. Help
  56. dced an not able to reconect to server
  57. do we need to patch?
  58. Launcher Problem - FailedFileDownload
  59. Beauty Shop Premium Service bug
  60. force close
  61. Runtime error
  62. Runtime error
  63. Luna Online Beta key
  64. Executer Launcher Error
  65. Cannot connect to server
  66. Connection time out
  67. Playing Problems
  68. 3 star pet
  69. Item Mall don't work
  70. Game connection - Force Close
  71. Random game crush
  72. My language (Portuguese)
  73. buying suba points
  74. About fishing
  75. failedFileDownload
  76. Game Crashes
  77. [ERROR] failedFileDownload
  78. Can't activate Beta KEY ?
  79. Open my account and Lost 4 Levels in my character
  80. SP Points
  81. Auto Closes
  82. Wont Let My friend Create account?
  83. Is there going to be an option to buy cash items outside the game?
  84. Launcher didn't show up
  85. Connaction Issues
  86. Buying Suba Points
  87. Account is blocked?
  88. Game skipping issues
  89. Accounts are being blocked.
  90. SUBA GAMES scratch card for LUNA?
  91. pet on transform mode for more than 1minute, legit?
  92. Read this before you report someone!
  93. Becoming a "fan" on FaceBook for 100 Suba Points
  94. Costum Picture
  95. Email is already in use error
  96. File source corrupted, installation error
  97. Deleting a thread?
  98. Tanking and enemies dealing over 10X damage. Can we remove this please?
  99. about account is blocked
  100. can't log in stuck @ loading screen
  101. My Buff bugg??
  102. Help suba bank suba points!!!! On paypal
  103. My sp cannot in my mall shop
  104. Isn't EXP event 3X even suppose to end at 12pm EST Sunday?
  105. MOL Points to SP?
  106. cant patch the game it crashes (1june patch )
  107. help (ayuda)
  108. How to re patch the game ?
  109. please help me, cant login
  110. Dei release no meu pet ele sumiu oque fazer ?
  111. Farming
  112. Watch out for the Glitcher in PK channel
  113. Help: My 10k SubaPoints
  114. Bin-File Version Error
  115. Zakandia not loading
  116. Character dissapear ?
  117. Event ?
  118. timing out in when using paypal?
  119. Launch Error
  120. zakandia not load the map :C
  121. Can't login
  122. Launch Error
  123. help
  124. Need a Business contact of Wicked interactive
  125. Why No Event for The Fourth of July?
  126. when is maintenance?
  127. When login my account is blocked
  128. delete character reuse name?
  129. Blurry texts in game
  130. Second day of playing and my Character is gone!!!
  131. Is the Slimepetquest gone? O.o
  132. Can we get a Level 70+ armor and wep NPC?
  133. Help fix this Error please((
  134. Connection Timeout
  135. Random Username Assigned
  136. Re register Wedding?
  137. Launcher error "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"
  138. Cant Connect to the game
  139. Sandboxie unable to create D3D Device for Luna
  140. i need help
  141. MacOs Download
  142. i cant seem to get the game to load past the login screen!
  143. Launcher error
  144. Loin failed, Connection Closed
  145. My charactor is stuck in the date dungen please move him out
  146. Error log into a server
  147. Can only reset 1 skill?
  148. My password doesnt work
  149. My second password is unknown, and password doesnt work fully.
  150. Low quality graphics
  151. 22nd november 2016 cant log in!!
  152. Forgot second in game password. How do I reset it?
  153. My charactor is stuck in DD dungen PPPPPPPPPlease help
  154. Problems with lags (Ace online )
  155. update error
  156. cant log in
  157. Stuck in DD please help?
  158. Winsock disconnection
  159. Assistance
  160. Priston Tale Patch
  161. Version does not match
  162. Failed File Download
  163. Stuck @update Installation
  164. Starting character in to game but game is quitting
  165. Character Stuck
  166. Can't proceed with Scout job change quest
  167. my items lost
  168. Cant do second job change to priest, please help.
  169. TOD is not working can u fix it PLEASE!!!!
  170. Accidentally Deleted Quest Sword
  171. Error Loggin IN
  172. How do I get my connection to stop timing out?
  173. can't update
  174. Can't log in
  175. System is offline now ?
  176. Cant Harvest Crop ??
  177. Game Crash! CASH SHOP MALL
  178. Cannot login!
  179. unable to load mall.
  180. Help I canĀ“t start the game failedRunClient
  181. stats and items keep going red
  182. Compensation for spent SP after server wipe?
  183. Why i get my account blocked?
  184. Abusive player & GM not doing anything about it.
  185. MOD Support Tech?
  186. crash
  187. Cant Get The Latest Patch
  188. I did not receive the gifts for participating in the game before I open steam
  189. Can I get old account from Aeria times?
  190. Accidentially bought item CASH MALL
  191. can not enter into game
  192. New bug after this maintenance
  193. STUCK IN "now loading" AGAIN......
  194. Luna online System Requirements
  195. connextion lost with server, lost item
  196. Character gone
  197. Resolution 800 x 600
  198. I can not access Luna through the SubaGames Launcher
  199. Someone ks me
  200. the game wont work....
  201. we need developer activity
  202. Hello, can someone help me?
  203. server crashed
  204. lift the server
  205. About transfer my account
  206. Server Down?
  207. Returning Member: Questions
  208. Unannounced maintenance - looking for info
  209. My Character is gone?
  210. Luna System Requirements
  211. Unable to download