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  1. Squishy bugs?
  2. CBT Bugs and problems.
  3. Client Crash in Guild Menu & Constant DC
  4. NPC Jose problem
  5. [CRASH] Some Items With Brackets In Their Names Crash the Game Party Members
  6. Guild Bug
  7. Spelling/Text Bugs or Errors
  8. Warning to all players: Skill Reset Bug!
  9. Game crashes at random moments...
  10. Skills with no effect, please help add to the list!
  11. Voyager Skill
  12. Mount Bug
  13. Timed out crash
  14. Crafting Crashes
  15. Dancing On Mounts
  16. What annoys me so far..
  17. Client Crashing
  18. Chat Window
  19. Server Delays?
  20. Tower of Death: High Priest of Death
  21. [Boss] Charny attacks from a distance
  22. Warehouse NPC Bug
  23. Outlevel quests?
  24. Report
  25. Sound
  26. Skill glitch
  27. Character Creation
  28. Tanks aggro skill and fishing
  29. Guild Bugs
  30. Class Tree Guide Skill List Bug?
  31. Performance/FPS drop
  32. some bugs i have found.
  33. Disappearing horse
  34. Gates Mix Up and Bug in Alker Harbor/Gates of Alker
  35. vanishing game
  36. can't press start
  37. I really hope this is just a bug.
  38. No talking mobs?
  39. Cant use exp scroll 50%
  40. Crafting bug
  41. Change Job Bug
  42. Bug's Item (Essence)
  43. Failed to move to map?
  44. My In-Game Cash shop not work
  45. Tutorial changed language!
  46. New BUG on Luxury Mount (Disconnection Issue)
  47. CanĀ“t see any items in cash shop
  48. We need a fix on [Master] Essences soon
  49. Lvl and Gold rollback
  50. Curious question for those affected byrollback
  51. Lvl and Gold rollback
  52. Seeing Players who look like Box figure
  53. Point Guild Stuck !! Help Can't Level Up Guild !!
  54. Buff Potion ?
  55. Missing Character
  56. Bugs with certain spells
  57. Dupe/cheater
  58. About classes and armors
  59. cashshop 15d storage summon disappears
  60. Cant log in after maint.
  61. Bug!!!!!
  62. [Quest Class Monk LVL 40] Undesignated weapon...
  63. Priest Skill Wizardry
  64. Quest
  65. swearing
  66. Are you kidding me?
  67. Family Emblem
  68. Auction House Bug
  69. Cannot Level Up Guild as Chairman
  70. Cant edit posts
  71. Translation/Spelling Errors Thread
  72. cant enter map?
  73. "The game client has been modified, restart the game to download the patch again" ???
  74. bugged skills
  75. Help Me Please!!!
  76. Cant connect to the server
  77. Farm Land Bug
  78. Please fix MOL point purchase
  79. Me Cant Plant Seed/Hatch Egg at my Family Farm.
  80. Dupers Spree In Alker
  81. All 3d models are glitched
  82. Farm Bug
  83. Character slot
  84. Couldn't pay farm tax
  85. HP Recovery Bug
  86. skill ranger missed. and always crash entering SOF
  87. Cant log into the game
  88. using BOT to lvling
  89. Multiple maps are down!
  90. Un-updated Information
  91. sales rep npc bug
  92. Family buff
  93. Stuck in Date Dungeon
  94. Subagames Report Error
  95. Hot Fix Tower of Greed Please!
  96. Phy Def Bugs 2 For 1
  97. Tower of Greed White Screen Bug, was on Easy Mode
  98. Event Coupon - nothing happens if I double click or try to use them.
  99. Stuns Lock Skills
  100. i think my nickname is bug >.<
  101. Storage Bug
  102. What happen to Temple of Greed?
  103. Farm issues, seed become invinsible after growth level max!!
  104. My charactor is stuck in a DD dungen. help i can't get out:)
  105. Dungeon Error Cant Enter even if attemp count 0/5 perday resetted
  106. acc block
  107. My accoubt is blocked
  108. Unable to feed pet?!
  109. Is the dungeon bug???
  110. No mob in Zakandia Outpost?
  111. bugs
  112. Better Shoes but Lower Speed?
  113. help me! i can't do Quest 4th rank up test!
  114. TOD is not working can you fix please
  115. Problems in server :(
  116. Games Auto kick out
  117. Glitch or Feature?
  118. Game crashing when trying to open Cash Inventory
  119. Game crashes when entering alkier
  120. Cash item consumed but no effect !
  121. LUNA:cash shop bug
  122. HP Drastic decrease.
  123. BUG's LB-4
  124. limit break bug
  125. Need GM
  126. Getting attacked by air!
  127. Help me please what this glich?
  128. will they ever buff the exp rate?
  129. Cash Shop
  130. Wondering if there's a fix to run time error..
  131. Level 20 Majin Armor/Weapon Bug
  132. Sales Rep NPC
  133. game.exe
  134. Exp scrolls giving wrong exp bonus
  135. I can't go to alker Harbor??
  136. Updating Party Lists
  137. Mages unable to wear leather or plate armor
  138. item lv1, lv2 and lv3 off order (30days) have bug
  139. Big issues with 2off/3off maybe also 1off and 4off can't test
  140. xp prot gone
  141. trade bug!!
  142. Don't see any other pc's
  143. Lag move bug
  144. Game closes without any error message
  145. Item Mall on Luna Online Reborn Not Appearing !
  146. Login bug (map switch)
  147. Disappearing players
  148. Bug Dissappear Basilik, harpy at The way to the Howling Ravine
  149. I don't see anything...
  150. Bug premium items.. Exp scroll/Costume(eternal)/Mounts/ and restat scroll?
  151. Hello, can someone help me?
  152. Luna crashes pressing C.
  153. Forest Spirit Tower portal is missing
  154. Merchant is not Merchant...? Swamp Map Problem
  155. Quest Issue
  156. The housing system is not working.
  157. Keeps trying to update
  158. Trade shop bug wp lose
  159. Help please dont know why i get XIGNCODE 0xE0191009
  160. hi all he
  161. Luna crashes pressing C.