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  1. Any Suggestion For Luna Online Reborn?
  2. Suggestion: No chat censor
  3. Strengthening Strength Stat
  4. Octopus Buff/Twist Buff Ride
  5. Serious Suggestions
  6. Pvp, the camps & the channels
  7. Timed Map Move Scrolls towards the end of CBT
  8. BuyBack !
  9. remove bot
  10. Fishing point exchange needs work!
  11. [Enchanting] Costs Too Much, Benefits Are Too Little
  12. item organizers
  13. enlargement shrink capsule
  14. healing magicians
  15. rank reward, exchange coupon, and/or exp scroll
  16. cast speed and attack speed
  17. Guild Tourney and Castle Siege Timings
  18. Experience Points and Diffuclty Suggestion
  19. Camps
  20. instead of pk channel how about war map
  21. Tweaking attributes STR/INT/DEX/VIT/WIS
  22. Costume's Attribute
  23. Level 1 guild member limit increased?
  24. Monster Click Radius/Radius of boss monster
  25. Get rid of the boters and pk
  26. Fair future and game play for all! (Highly Important)
  27. Key Mapping
  28. Nurf Wisdom?
  29. Channel Swapping
  30. Some quest Quest Variety?
  31. PK Fraction Safe zone
  32. replacement for bot removal
  33. Character slots
  34. Demo of skills
  35. enchanting glow
  36. Pet "enchanting"
  37. Old luna skill trees
  38. Necro-tato s suggestion dump.
  39. Bot, exp, etc.
  40. Sorting Item
  41. P.K Channel
  42. Elf Mage Passive
  43. ctrl shortcut to alt shortcut
  44. Timer & Kill count
  45. DoT damage
  46. Guild Suggestions
  47. World bosses return
  48. Something minor that's been bugging me.
  49. Enhancing Font
  50. [Guild] Small Change
  51. Dual wield mastery levels
  52. [Forum] Editing Threads/Posts
  53. Old Luna BGM + DEX Buff + Change Skill Points system
  54. Cardinal no cure? Why you ruin dis job? OMG ~ !!!
  55. Ash's One stop Suggestions Thread!
  56. Suggestions to make user experience
  57. make one server that dont have to be PVP OR PK MODE and have ALL PVE
  58. Guild/Family Dungeons
  59. NPC Dialog
  60. Forum post like button
  61. Necro´s Game features (part 1)
  62. Necro´s Game features (part 2)
  63. Luna stat record books!?!?
  64. Perm Costumes with Stats
  65. Invulnerability!
  66. Suba shop's initial launch..
  67. Toggle for camp icons next to your name
  68. Event Coupons you get over time loged-in able to put in storage
  69. Please bring the old heal CDs back!
  70. Faction Alliance
  71. Chat window filters, settings and the text
  72. Launcher Needs Updating, Server Maintenance & More Game Rewards
  73. RTB and Map move in combat
  74. My concerns about the game coupons
  75. DC - dead - rev in place when login
  76. Boost up for the outnumbered Faction.
  77. Tab toggles nearby monsters, is there a button to toggle other players? <Healer
  78. Active forum mods
  79. Ignore/block all chat from specific players (like gold spammers for example)
  80. Crazy Suggestions
  81. UI expanding
  82. Classes are Outbalanced
  83. The Problems I See With Factions/PK Existing
  84. Gear Crafting bonuses.
  85. Custom Keybinding
  86. Please bring back Rune Impact!
  87. Potential fix for current tank situation
  88. Raids?
  89. Buy Back feature
  90. Magical Tower
  91. Features that we really need in Luna Online Reborn now
  92. Suggested Skills for Mage
  93. Suggestion PK
  94. Knight makes no sense and is borderline worst class in game at the moment for lvl 70.
  95. Nation War - Red vs Blue?
  96. Mix between luna and plus
  97. Requesting for CHANGE NAME SCROLL
  98. for roque class make STEALTH to none CD if used
  99. Race change scroll ?
  100. My Suggestions and Why
  101. Nice to have passives from Luna pre-Plus
  102. Fix DEX!!!
  103. There should be more things you can buy with coupons
  104. Megaphones
  105. to many Mobs per quest ?
  106. Mount License
  107. Are you FKing happy now?!
  108. Bring back the Auto battle function
  109. EXP buff to Quests, and an idea for a new game feature.
  110. Easy way to change themes
  111. My opinion on Luna Reborn and advices for the future
  112. Item Mall Bundles
  113. Server Brasilian
  114. magic tower leve to enter
  115. Gold And Exp Increase
  116. Suggestion about Farm (Garden)
  117. Resident Registration
  118. Return access to notes away from Owl Boxes
  119. New Gear Enchanting Item: Cherry Picker
  120. Mileage Points Items ideas
  121. Guild Faction Lock needs to go
  122. Majins need to be brought up to speed
  123. Event Idea: VIP Escort
  124. Event Idea: Randomizer Fashion Show
  125. Bring back Friend Chat
  126. Luna on Steam
  127. More customization features
  128. Revive Luna Reborn
  129. Improvement Suggestion
  130. Give us Luna online classic Items!
  131. Suggestion from an old player Kappa
  132. World Boss
  133. RE: exp event
  134. random ideas, yes more than one.
  135. Payment for my country
  136. Enjoy and Stress free
  137. Make it less linear and more exciting to explore.
  138. Stat RESET and Skill RESET upon first job change
  139. [Player Perspective] Multi-Clients VS Steam Client
  140. Forum Wipe
  141. Exp Very Low
  142. TimeZone in game!
  143. Cash price
  144. Add MP% to the MP Bar
  145. Level Lockout
  146. Switch to the mod
  147. Proposal: How to improve the server
  148. New maps + fix tarintus + fix shipyard
  149. Help
  150. we need attention
  151. How to bring back the fan base WITHOUT ANOTHER REVIVAL?
  152. Purified Water
  153. What's Missing?
  154. Decided... This game is not worth the frustration.
  155. How can you protect yourself