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  1. Gender Swapped Costumes / Costume Re-skins
  2. Luna GM Events
  3. Official Luna Online: Reborn Facebook page
  4. Transmogrification
  5. Grow and Shrink Pills
  6. Background Music
  7. pet afk botting
  8. State of Player Versus Player
  9. Luna music
  10. Flaws with current state of Luna Online/Luna Plus
  11. Down with the Camps...
  12. Attention to GMs
  13. intermediate cooking?
  14. Ushio is a scammer (be alert)
  15. Why Luna Will Fail once again. Thx Guys!
  16. Some questions.
  17. Poll for growth/shrink pills
  18. Luna Online Reborn Quest / Grinding Walkthrough (Level 1 - 10) #2
  19. Stop your idea to slow down people. Add end game event instead.
  20. [ASK] wanna Ask Where to Get 2-Star pet stone , 3-star pet stone , 4-star pet stone
  21. How do i block Spamming bots???!!!
  22. These Autonotes Might be a tad difficult.
  23. Auto Note System
  24. Blurred Graphics
  25. Luna Response From The GM Team
  26. About account sharing
  27. they should really bring back auto-note
  28. Server been offline over 12 hours.
  29. Re-start
  30. Guild Creatures PVP Competition 6/2/2016
  31. megaphone
  32. octo buff
  33. Game guard
  34. Do luna reborn have a site that showing drop item list?
  35. REWARDS FOR Achievement?
  36. Compensation?
  37. 3X exp/item drop rate event ends so....?
  38. Game freeze.
  39. Can permanent costume pieces be stored after they are unsealed?
  40. tower of death and magical tower
  41. afk fishing
  42. perias
  43. Pistol from level 1, what job ???
  44. Item Drop rate field test 1
  45. Stuck at new map - Great Garden
  46. Multiple maps are down (Again...)!
  47. Exp Event Until Patch Update
  48. stat fixes
  49. <ask> a question about pet
  50. All items gone from accounts
  51. Newbie Helping Network
  52. What can bring life back to Luna?
  53. Uncomfortable Playing SubaGames
  54. 8/15 Alker Trading Company's "The Weekly Grind"
  55. StarOcean requesting Maxim Participation from all Guilds and bodies in the server!
  56. this game is op for newbies
  57. I have a problem
  58. No Fatal Touch Buff skill in lvl 40 Archer Job? that's completely dissapointing.
  59. Demon guide/help
  60. Newbie butuh bantuan
  61. Does this game reborn new or old?
  62. potsequalsminilag
  63. Dex wis str vit What do they all do? Looking for crit chance!
  64. Game totally ruined if items like this lands with players
  65. What is your Favorite Game?
  66. Is this game still online? i can't download the client.