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  1. [M-GEAR] Welcome Back Fellow M-gears!!
  2. [I-GEAR] I gear guide
  3. [M-GEAR] TheBravery's M-Gear guide
  4. [B-GEAR] BG guide
  5. [A-GEAR] Where can I get the A Gear info?
  6. [I-GEAR] Stats on Slot gear please
  7. [A-GEAR] Hi fellow ag's of ace
  8. [M-GEAR] Wep question of r a noob m-gear.
  9. [A-GEAR] Guide] Horrible with A-Gear? Troubles getting kills? Has God betrayed you?
  10. [B-GEAR] Where can you get Bawoos and Hawks?
  11. Gear Mentor's
  12. Gear mentor's?
  13. What B Gearbuild?
  14. [I-GEAR] Help!!
  15. [I-GEAR] Rolling
  16. [M-GEAR] i Need MGear Guide(Stats)
  17. Bg Skill Bar
  18. Pros/Cons of Gears Please :)
  19. [A-GEAR] Attack Build Help?
  20. [B-GEAR] Abm
  21. The Best Gear for Me?
  22. Gear Help?
  23. [A-GEAR] Need good Attack build
  24. [I-GEAR] Best Ig Build?
  25. [B-GEAR] Update me!
  26. Anti M-gear tactics?
  27. Slot Armor Screen Shots
  28. [B-GEAR] how to restat
  29. [I-GEAR] What Binder at lvl 83 E12?
  30. [B-GEAR] which build?
  31. [B-GEAR] what's the best ?
  32. Stormriser Veil (B-gear Slot Armor)
  33. [I-GEAR] IGear grinding spots?
  34. [A-GEAR] Grinding Spots?
  35. Any website guides?
  36. Cards?
  37. Gear Load outs
  38. [I-GEAR] Best Att build?
  39. [M-GEAR] M-Gear Instructional Videos
  40. [A-GEAR] ideas builds and what armors to use
  41. [A-GEAR] special deff and att build needet
  42. Technical Stat Specifics
  43. [I-GEAR] This build suitable?
  44. [A-GEAR] fighting M and I gears
  45. Picking a gear
  46. [B-GEAR] R-type slot armours make good BB veils?
  47. [B-GEAR] evasion build
  48. B-Gear question
  49. [I-GEAR] Needs some PvP advices
  50. Help me out here
  51. Which gear do you main?
  52. [I-GEAR] -->>~Grinding Help~<<--
  53. Mgear Build for a new player?
  54. [I-GEAR] Which build to choose from?
  55. Chaffs and Defense
  56. A-Gear or I-Gear?
  57. [B-GEAR] What should i invest my attributes into at an early level flying a b-gear?
  58. igear help please XD
  59. b-gears
  60. Newbie help :)
  61. [I-GEAR] DaBigWeasel ^^
  62. [I-GEAR] Strategie(s)
  63. [I-GEAR] Turning engine?
  64. [I-GEAR] Weapons and Build
  65. [B-GEAR] Lvl 80 build
  66. [B-GEAR] Dueling
  67. [Video] M-Gear PVP
  68. [I-GEAR] So, I was wondering...
  69. [I-GEAR] Wall DC Grind ??
  70. [A-GEAR] 83 build sugestion
  71. [B-GEAR] Updated B-Gear guide
  72. falcon veil
  73. Which Binder ;p
  74. A-gear or B-gear?
  75. [I-GEAR] Slot armor Versus WP armor?
  76. About B-gear
  77. [B-GEAR] Really need help with a clean Bawoo
  78. Hi, can I ask for help?
  79. A-gear or M-gear
  80. I gear Energy shield card or shield card
  81. Slot armor uPgrades
  82. Changing Colours?
  83. [A-GEAR] Help with weapons
  84. IG vs BG
  85. [I-GEAR] IG Build.
  86. [B-GEAR] Evasion
  87. good build??
  88. [A-GEAR] Which guarder
  89. ace arrow good or bad
  90. Is there such a thing...? (I-Gear engine)
  91. IG vs BG
  92. Question about b-gears
  93. [B-GEAR] Can def build still OHKO?
  94. Paint?
  95. How long did it take you to reach lvl70 for M/I gear?
  96. A gear help plz!
  97. [A-GEAR] Questions regarding Attack Build.
  98. [B-GEAR] WP Valkyrie - how to upgrade it?
  99. [M-GEAR] Item Choices
  100. [A-GEAR] Where should I allocate my armor/shield upgrade cards?
  101. [I-GEAR] Zerkwoo?
  102. [A-GEAR] 300 ATK what now
  103. Can I haz Helppp?
  104. Trading Slot Binders?
  105. How can I survive.
  106. Another Question
  107. Defense-Evasion build.
  108. [A-GEAR] E2 hover question.
  109. [I-GEAR] Dogfighting tips
  110. Slot armor rebuild
  111. [I-GEAR] WP Lance Binder
  112. [B-GEAR] Stormriser or shark or other slot?
  113. What is a better binder for I-Gear? the WP Lance Binder-R V5 or the Ghost Binder?
  114. [I-GEAR] Weapons question.
  115. [I-GEAR] someone tell me info about D,R, and E type of rapid and lance binder please
  116. [M-GEAR] Relese
  117. [B-GEAR] Best B-gear builds
  118. I gear question.
  119. [M-GEAR] Any use?
  120. [B-GEAR] Question about std and radar
  121. [I-GEAR] Base Basic usage
  122. [A-GEAR] Weapons and Engines
  123. [A-GEAR] Siege Mode Target Lock
  124. [I-GEAR] Someone who knows the gear well...
  125. WP supply box armor.Just Binders or more?
  126. Looking for a site
  127. [B-GEAR] Nerf foking b gears !!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111
  128. [I-GEAR] ADV flight control
  129. [I-GEAR] Total Newbie Help Please.
  130. Best Gear???
  131. [I-GEAR] How do I build the skill points?
  132. [*-Gear, B-Gear] Best Radar
  133. Radar range vs weapon range question
  134. [I-GEAR] My 82 Goal Build
  135. [A-GEAR] How do I build the best AG?
  136. Which Gear?
  137. [A-GEAR] Just blind, i guess... but..
  138. [I-GEAR] death of I-gears (post July 15,2010)
  139. [I-GEAR] Metal arrowssssssssssss
  140. Calculating Attack Power per second
  141. [B-GEAR] best bawoo prefix
  142. Am i putting my stats in the right place?
  143. [I-GEAR] the absolute stat/armor/weapon I should be aiming for @ lvl80+
  144. [B-GEAR] Bawoo fixes/enchantment
  145. Where to grind?
  146. (I-GEAR) How am i Doing?
  147. Haven't played this since SCO
  148. [I-GEAR] Lance WP or Rapid
  149. been playing a week, whats my I gear like?
  150. [B-GEAR] Best woos
  151. [I-GEAR] need adv wep advice
  152. Chasing
  153. [IG] haven't played in a while, what do i need to change?...
  154. [I-GEAR] about evasion
  155. [I-GEAR] How am I doing?
  156. BCU/A Sell me a rapid binder v1 for 85m+ valk v7 e5 energy
  157. [A-Gear] - Siege Mode and Radar Range
  158. [I-GEAR] I-Gears. The good, the bad, and what should I expect.
  159. [I-GEAR] 82...
  160. [A-GEAR] - Upgrading Slot Armor
  161. [I-GEAR] Which binder is better for my general gameplay?
  162. [I-GEAR] Use my restat now to fix my royally-screwed stat build?
  163. [A-GEAR] Def guarder
  164. I-Gear Engine
  165. [I-GEAR] How long will it take me to grind from 67-82?
  166. [A-GEAR] Omega mount HS with pre-75 AS
  167. [I-GEAR] My build
  168. [I-GEAR] What's an arrows most important stat?
  169. [B-GEAR] REQUEST!! For newbies in the games!!
  170. Fastest Leveler
  171. uhh confuzzled
  172. [I-GEAR] Questions about equipment.
  173. [M-GEAR] Full complete m-gear guide everything you need to know and more!
  174. [I-GEAR] Poll for Binder
  175. [A-GEAR] Veteran A-Gears' Comments Appreciated-Pre-75 Airsiege
  176. [I-GEAR] Lots of questions!
  177. halp, existencial crisis inside
  178. [B-GEAR] Questions from a Former SCO Player
  179. [I-GEAR] IG Weapons Plans
  180. [M-GEAR] i have some questions
  181. Gear Usage
  182. [B-GEAR] Do i suck?
  183. [M-GEAR] Best level to get to?
  184. MIN/MAX vs RA
  185. [B-GEAR] Which Armor to use?
  186. Evasion ag
  187. [A-GEAR] Usage of Big Mounts
  188. A-Gears
  189. [I-GEAR] Newbie trying to get advice on what engine to aim for before focusing
  190. New player. Which Gear should I choose?
  191. [B-GEAR] How to Properly Use GBM
  192. [B-GEAR] Weapon Question...
  193. [I-GEAR] 82 Build
  194. B-Gear build
  195. e4 or e5 speed on IF
  196. Which end-game AG build should I do?
  197. [I-GEAR] about the weapons and binders
  198. [B-GEAR] Basic Questions
  199. [I-GEAR] IG Hybrid Def/Evade
  200. [M-GEAR] MG - Def/Eva Hybrid
  201. M-gear help
  202. [I-GEAR] sparrow choices
  203. [M-Gear] Weapon question??
  204. [A-GEAR] how do i enchant a warring guarder?
  205. [I-GEAR] Is this build good?
  206. [B-Gear] An alternative build
  207. WTF HELP ME!!! NEW PLAYER!!!! *excited*
  208. [B-GEAR] NEW PLAYER->Need guides or tips bout this gear!
  209. [I-GEAR] Stat Build Choices
  210. [B-GEAR] which is better: '86 engine build or '27 engine build?
  211. [I-GEAR] R or E type
  212. [I-GEAR] Armor or weapon? Which is priority?
  213. Old timer of a sort back for the fun ;)
  214. [M-GEAR] What armors should an MG have?
  215. New player - Needs help with I-Gear stat builds!
  216. [B-GEAR] Slot Veil for BB?
  217. IG - getting my ass handed to me
  218. [A-GEAR] Want to have a good gear
  219. [I-GEAR] Suggestions on how I should re-stat at lv82
  220. [I-GEAR] Weapons?
  221. IF3 Armor Stats
  222. need new i gear binders
  223. what build should an i gear have
  224. Eva build for I gear become that useless !!
  225. What gear?
  226. [M-GEAR] A good grinding/pvp build
  227. [M-GEAR] A good grinding/pvp build
  228. [M-GEAR] Modern M-Gears and You
  229. [I-Gear and B-Gear] help need some anwser
  230. [B-GEAR] Coming back to play after a one year hiatus!
  231. [I-GEAR] Ig 90 stat
  232. [I-GEAR] resistance against the bg
  233. Slot d to e type enchants.
  234. [I-GEAR] ever heard of this??
  235. a gear prob out of hand????
  236. [I-GEAR] Rolling abms?
  237. 150% bawoos not hitting whites.
  238. hyper gamble and super gamble?
  239. armor enchants
  240. [I-GEAR] I need help with adv. weapon for IG
  241. [I-GEAR] grind maps
  242. war supply box
  243. Cash Shop Armor/Slot Armor
  244. BG guide
  245. [A-GEAR] EP4 AG Armor and Weapon
  246. AGear Builds
  247. Question: what armo fixes should ag get&
  248. HELP! Newbie here!
  249. [I-GEAR] Pierce weapons!
  250. Need help on A Gear weapons