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July 3rd, 2017, 07:07 AM
Here's a collection of broken things to pick up on with the devs; All of them have been verified on Sunny's test server with the exception of one due to obvious reasons.

1. Evasion Mastery stops working from level 5 onwards. [Evade] no longer pops.

2. Perforation adds 'Critical rate 30%' yet Perforation does/can not crit. Tested and verified via AoE as well as 1:1 scenarios. Chances are it was deliberate 'game design', though. It at least sounds cool, yes? Skill and mechanic designers being out of touch. If not that, then PT AoE skills might should've been able to crit all along.

(Refreshing change of pace that would be a decade and a half into this game's life ;) )

3. Thunder Roop should be two hits instead of one. That has been verified by asking directly at the Masang PT forums via superbly well translated Korean.

Link to thread: https://pt.masangsoft.com/?mid=PT_BOARD4&document_srl=3867581

4. Thunder Roop should deal extra damage to 'Normal' type as suggested by website masang website:

See: https://pt.masangsoft.com/?mid=PT_GUIDE_VIEW&Guide_File=289.html&GuideID=289

Bug number 2~4 can be considered 'gamebreaking' - or rather 'classbreaking' insofar there's anything left to be shattered to begin with here :P

July 4th, 2017, 01:36 PM
Hey there, we're aware of these bugs and have been slowly working with them to get them up to par with theirs. Thanks for the reports though!