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July 5th, 2017, 07:21 PM

This guide will explain how players who don't have a huge amount of money sitting around and are looking to build their character. Strategies, locations to farm, and requirements will be included but if you want to try other methods there is not stopping you, I will just share with you what I personally think is the best way to make money.


Option 1

Eversun Instance
This instance is great for all players, rich, poor, poorly geared, op players. This guide clearly states on how it works and is worth checking out. (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=94277) The main objective is just farming as many bloods and teeth as you can obviously, the items given within the Old Treasure Chest has more of a chance of making you more money than the Blue Treasure Chest. Unless you need the contents within the Blue Treasure chest. The HLA pills within the Old Treasure Chest will always hold value due to the op raw stats they give, as well with the Adv. Orange Weapon Books, golding weapons will always be occurring. The other good part this instance provides is that farming excessive amounts of Demon Blood can earn you a Lucky Bag that contains LFF and FF. (Never sell the fairies, send them out and sell the mats yourself, just trust).

Option 2

Demon Tower
Why people haven't taken advantage of this is mind boggling to me. Prices of C gems will be constantly high because level 50 modded armor is very common among people in order to save money. The main gems your aiming for here is Aqua C, Ruby C, and Opal C. (Prices will vary but I will put the prices I personally think C gems will hold at) Aqua C and Ruby C can easily go for 6-8k ea while Opal C has been seen to be up to 12k ea, which may be a bit high but it shows the market out there for them. Demon Tower does take a long time to do but if you have a good duo partner (do not and I repeat do not invite Pyraelinia she will drag your team down) can take you about 1.5 hrs if you focus somewhat, but with a full team of people who know what they are doing can take less than 1 hr. The gold weapon scrolls can be worth something if you get: Syringe, Spear, Fan, maybe even Boxing Gloves. (op stats imo) Within the chest you earn just by killing the mobs you can get finest mats which can be made into costumes. (Penguin and Bunny Ears are you best bet for making costumes just because of they are so simple and appealing)

Option 3

Placid Towers
I am just going to refer solely to NTT just to make things easier to explain and most people will farm there since everyone has earth weapons... hopefully. This probably has the potential to be the best money maker out of the 3 but with it involves some luck. If your in a guild that is lvl 8 you can buy the Spirit Catching Orb to farm spirit pearls which can make you very good money. But along with that I would suggest farming the Hard Shell Tortoises while completing the quest. This gives you the opportunity to obtain the Onyx of Mathematics. You will obtain gems such as Citrine A and Amethyst A that hold a high value.

Obviously you can farm like a noob at branch monkeys or something but that is boring. But this is my little guide to help out people who complain making money is so hard, if any of these are hard for you, teaming up with a few people does not hurt at all. You just need to be proactive, but saying its hard to make money is completely false because the game offers so many easy ways to obtain gold. glgl


July 5th, 2017, 07:26 PM
Instructions not clear, wasted money on pets and 20m costumes.

July 5th, 2017, 07:31 PM
I never liked DT anyway.. or you, weeb.

July 5th, 2017, 07:36 PM
If you are a low level and reading this guide, Eversun Instance is your best bet.

Instructions not clear, wasted money on pets and 20m costumes.

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