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July 6th, 2017, 04:51 AM
Welcome to the guide that should reach people from level 10-40 mostly, obviously people level 50+ can do the same stuff its just less time efficient because you will be prolly able to make more gold in higher stages easier.


Dont be a lazy person, everyone knows how lovely being lazy is.
Theres no excuse for being lazy if you want to achieve something!

Starting off after you leave your beginners village:
Even if im 100% sure you wont need any gold until you hit level 15 because you get two free armor sets

Level 5-15. First Job, after commie can be anything your heart desires wont stop you from farming things.
Good places to farm level 10 ish~
I would recommond farming ec elder mats.
-> wiki link that has EVERYTHING you need such as where the mob is, levels stats etc.

Every drop that isnt Sugarcane,Tangerine and Soybeans WILL get sold for atleast 200g to a player, ec elders are still done because it gives nine guild fame per person if you finish all 25 missions.

Most valueable are those drops, that are a little bit harder to get as an example: pacifer & guano <-
both are dropped in the well below the mazz and can be killed even by level 10 commies without having any further equipement. [NO EXCUSE TO NOT FARM THOSE THINGS].

After you played some time, partied a few times at casks or mbop you have reached level 25~ and you are able to go into more advanced areas.
Having a job to aoe on is a nice startoff, would suggest having that as soon as possible to aoe the lower level mobs down.

Alot of newer players, and older player back in the days used to farm the zombies in the farrel family cript
-> http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Ffc
With a 18% droprate for Snakeskin [95g at the NPC ~ 300g to players]
And a 14% chance of dropping spider threads that sell for 70g to the NPC and about 300g to a player.

Start doing that for a hour, and you will see your results depending on how much you kill, how fast you kill obviously.

Even if you make like 30k~ gold a hour you should be fine to advance your gameplay to level 30+ by getting armor and new weapons to hit harder, have certian elements on it. Farming one hour is for the beginner players more than enough to carry on on their journey through this game.

Preferable level 30-40, having stronger aoes or if you are a blademaster stronger auto attacks will help to farm faster obviously. A basic lv 30 fencer/dancer/wizard would prolly would do it anytime.
If you have aoes, this is recommended by me farming those -> Female Vampire Bat (X:173 Y:137) are the coordinates for you who never been there.

you will find them in the canute canal you can enter trough ec south.
Theres a small area where are about ten of those mobs. they die fast, AND YOU DONT NEED UPGRADED OR GOLDSTATS ON YOUR WEAPON NO. Just press aoes and you will be fine.

Those are the "most valueable" spots to farm in the lower levels imo, i havent farmed at many other places, obviously you can farm where ever you want or feel like.

Now to the second part:
You have a bit of starting gold from farming or got some gold from a friend x guild x random generous person? x
Start to use your ability to farm basic materials while AFKING.

People will need those materials to craft Lv 10-40 armors, weapons and shields, and costume modding.
Since you have the commoner level 10, you can use your skillpoints to a certian sort of material.
Would suggest getting into mining, because it will get the most use [Mining = glas, copper,iron and leadbars which are used for crafting heavy armor for tanks.]
Remember, you can have a mule doing that for you without you needing to do anything besides buying the tool and setting it up at the places that you can find for every grade of material.


You can choose what ever you want, i would suggest to mix things up to have certian materials for yourself is always helpful when starting this game.

Part number 3:
G E M S [are trouly outrages, tribute to taric ]
Im sure most people just throw away gems of any kind because they dont know what to do with them.
Gems are used to upgrade & mod your armor and certian of them will get bought for a high amount of gold from other players.

Gold management:
If you ever feel like spending money for things like a costume, its your choise yes you can buy it but that wont advance your gameplay 99,98% of the time. The game starts at level 50, where you can explore more and more.
I would suggest to not buy a pet, a permanent costume or anything visual if you want to get better periodicly until you hit atleast level 50, and you have a good base to farm things on.
I got my first pet at level.. 60? Pets are not used to grind [in the early stages, later stages you use them with saddles for additional bonuses] they just look good.

Daily events:

Those things you see appear in your chat above the usual chatbox.
39794 <- so you cant tell anyone you havent seen daily events.
Most of them are free to do, they give daily event scrolls which can get traded here->

You can see your daily event calender by pressing control +j all times are adjusted to your timezone automaticly.
If you do those regularly after hitting level 20 and you are able to fly you can join almost all of them besides the supporting line be further into the game for you so dont bother with it.

Daily events are fun, and for some you can earn titles from that are actually useful further into the game.

Sorry for the tl;dr thing but you need to get started somewhere.

If you ask nicely in the bc, people will help you most of the times dont cry about not having gold to afford "good" or "advanced" things get your lazy ass off and start working for it!
thats how this game works, you can meet new people doing it, making friends making contacts for anything is good and you will eventually find a guild thats recruiting.

ATM there are a few guilds that shout out daily for new people, that are willing to take you even if you are level 10 and you just started the game. Dont be to shy and explore your personal dream in this mirrorworld x)

Any questions, suggestions or what ever you feel like to add or not just be sure to talk about it here.


July 6th, 2017, 08:02 AM
Good guide, hope this encourages some of the newer/ lower level people to start making some money and not just npc their drops.

On the Gem-side i want to mention Turqoise (E) and (D) that often get to thrown away, those are horribly hard to farm and those who are modding lvl 30 or lvl 40 armor will appreciate it a lot if you keep them and sell them. I don't want to set their value here as I don't know, but I'm sure they'll go for like 2-5k at least.