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July 11th, 2017, 05:21 AM
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AKA Achievement Hunting for Those Desperately Looking for Self-Satisfaction, but that would be too long of a thread name imo.

Here, this guide will help you focus on achievements that I think are rather hard to complete in order to help you obtain at least 1,000 achievement points. I will not list every achievement that simply involves spending a lot of money or is completely luck dependent. If you would rather have a full list of obtainable achievements and their conditions, here you go (http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Achievement). However, you may want that list anyway as a reference to this thread.

Born in [1-3] DOMO Year - If your computer or electricity bill has the manpower, leave your character online from after maintenance ends to before maintenance begins. This is because this is based off of how long your character has been online, NOT how long your character has existed. If not, well...you're out of luck. As of this time, only six characters have this achievement. If you're only starting to play recently, you might want to look at something else.

The first bucket of 1,000,000 gold! ~ Billionare - See this (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=113932) and this (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=113935).

Need a bigger luggage & There is no bigger luggage - Save your costs by doing Eversun & Darkdale Elder and pray you get lucky. Get Easy Spaces from Seizer's Palace, though I'm sure it's possible to find some in the market for a relatively cheap price if not someone willing to give one out for free. The rest you'll need a bigger wallet with your luggage.

Celebrity ~ DOMO Star - Kill every area boss you see, participate in as many D matches as possible (yes those bosses apparently give fame) open Red Packets. Only one character currently has achieved DOMO Star.

God-like (and all lvl 60 & 70 achievements) - Arguably requires less effort than some of the ridiculous achievements in this game, but is still fairly challenging. The simplest way to do this is to stick with your main role (mdps, ss, aspd, support, w/e) and level every single job as that role. I've gotten everything to 70 using wiz/sorc aoes, some players got everything to 70 by supporting, some players got everything to 70 by being hunter ss, etc. If we can do it, so can you to some extent. This is one of the best to aim for, because you're getting multiple level 60 & 70 achievements along the way. This is not even including life quest ones. Note that Sorcerer is NOT required for this.

Homeboy - See Born in [1-3] DOMO Year, but being afk in Guild Cottage for a full 72 hours.

Drug Seizures - Buy only 1 set Fast Vitamin A and Potion Antidote from the Item Mall (or someone willing to sell you some). Once you've gotten the achievement, never buy those stupid pills again.

Flowers in full bloom ~ Nation-wide Celerbation - Find a big, safe, open map and run around to unleash your firework frenzy. You must stay in that map! Doing this in the Firework Map may sound ideal, but you could lag/crash more often due to mob spawning; the map can be rather unfriendly to your performance sometimes. If performance isn't an issue, you might just die if your movement isn't fast (and I mean FAST). Convincing your friends to let you spam all the fireworks and making sure drops are fairly distributed might be difficult unless they are very willing to help and understand.

Who you are? - Get the Race Change Voucher from the Anniversary Gift Box and use it. If you are rather uncomfortable with changing races though and would want to change back right away, you'll have to get a 2nd one. Most likely having to buy it.

Roll baby! - I need a landing pad - Gather some friends and ask them to trade you their flying pets. Wait until the achievement is given, then trade the pets back. This is the poor man's way of doing it. You may get My Good Friend - 5 a Battle Group this way too if you lack pets to begin with, so they won't be listed separately.

Pet lover - Circus of the Exotic Beasts - You will first want an expanded inventory. You will also NOT want to use the Vanity Pet Treasure Box, because it won't count pets in there (RIP me).

I also have a wardrobe & Limited Wardrobe - Save costs by getting expansion scrolls from Trader Girl or Event Stamp Reward Merchant. If you're up for spending 500k gold on Mai Golai's scrolls, you can get "I also have a wardrobe" and "No hesitation to spend" at the same time! If you're up for spending more money, you can get "Limited Wardrobe" from the fourth scroll purchased from him as well.

Trial Run ~ Death - Play the game, kill lots of things, don't bot while doing it, and you're good to go. Being sadistic about killing virtual enemies might help too. No one as of this thread has Death.

Thousand Deaths ~ Death is my life - Honestly, there is no realistic way of achieving even Thousand Deaths if you're decent at this game. These achievements demand to be farmed, as in dying on purpose. The best way you COULD get them is through PvP where dying is more frequent, but again, if you're decent/good at this game, you won't see yourselves with it any time soon unless you're the victim. If you do plan on intentionally dying though, don't wear anything with durability so that nothing breaks. LEEEROOOYYYYYYYYYYYYY JENKINNNSSSSSSSSS

Scholar - The old saying goes: if you want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself. If you're confident that you're an OP player, just remember that the Learned Elder is VERY sensitive to what characters are typed in. Don't type in extra spaces, make sure proper capitalization is used. The answer has to be exact. Literally. If you're not OP and need to do this with others, make sure they know what's up so they don't accidentally mess up.

Perfect Rescue - This is the opposite; you'll want a full party for this. Make sure everyone is split up and that you got someone holding aggro so that no NPC dies. This is especially the case for Mr. Godwin, where if he dies, the mission is a failure.

Jinx Possessed & Luck is everything - Someone needs to buy and use the Demon-revealing Mirror from Jackal Marshall to reliably obtain either of these achievements. For the former, kill True Crossbone Swordsman last every single time he splits himself into clones. For the latter, kill True Crossbone Swordsman first instead.

Madam Malachite, Tigerman, Crossbone Swordsman killers - This means you have to be the one to last hit. This means you'll want to be able to DPS to a reasonable degree (since the bosses can regenerate slightly in combat). If everyone is willing to cooperate, let them know so they'll let you finish the bosses off. Otherwise, you'll just have to hit really really hard and pray you got the last hit.

Harvesting Skill Achievements - Reskilling your Commoner is pretty much the most efficient method unless you don't mind rebirthing it to 75 and farming springs for a long period of time. Please read this (https://forum.subagames.com/showthread.php?t=113789) first before doing so in case you've invested into alchemy.

Recipe Novice ~ Recipe Expert - If you get a recipe for free and haven't used it, use it. If you see an unused recipe for cheap, use it. Pilfer, Pillage, and fighting luck pills are highly recommended. You nay even consider holding an abacus when using Pilfer (can't do the same thing with Pillage though). If you're actually on Thief, use Secret Skill Bugs too. Gotta steal all the recipes! No one I know has Recipe Expert as of this thread.

A learning Alchemy nobody ~ Alchemy Grand Master - Start off by spam creating the highest level armor helmet you can. Later on, get into HLA so you can create a bunch of items related to it (Alloy Blades from weapon and Alloy Plates from armor are pretty high on demand atm simply because of 16-20 mods on 50+ gear. If you can even find the elusive Dreamstone Essence Recipe, offer yourself to make it for people because that's high on demand as well. Generally, just provide your services frequently, hunt for a lot of recipes to increase your availability, and you'll get your levels fairly quickly.

And that's all the hard achievements I felt needed some tips. Most of the others are self-explanatory and/or can figured out in other guides. Again, use the list on the wiki as a check list, since unobtained achievements in-game are hidden without even a hint on how to get them. Hope this helps for all the completionists out there!

July 11th, 2017, 01:08 PM
I hope that your achievement score actually does something in the future. Which is the case in another DOMO, iirc?

July 11th, 2017, 02:40 PM
Haven't seen achivement being effective for anything other than bragging rights.

July 11th, 2017, 03:38 PM
I hope that your achievement score actually does something in the future. Which is the case in another DOMO, iirc?

Yes, on IC Domo, if you have 1000 achievement points, you can talk to Trader Girl and obtain a Wardrobe Space Expanding Scroll I. There is a reward for 2000 points as well, but I couldn't find any information on what it is.