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August 31st, 2017, 07:05 PM
NIDIA in City of Loneliness (Misty Forest)
Note: This quest is going to take a long, long time.
Requirement: Looking for New Comrade completed

Lv. 75 - Marcus's Plan
NPC: Sharp-Tooth Marcus (Avalon Front)
[Acquire: 25x Rare Metal
[Mob: HMI Steel Armor 00 - Strong Lv.75
After reporting to Sharp-Tooth Marcus, you have to go back to Donald (Amphirite Port)
to accept the final part of the quest.

Lv. 75 - Precarious Situation
NPC: Aubenheimer (Venom Wilderness)
[Acquire: 20x Sphinx Bracelet
[Mob: Tattooed Sphinx - Strong Lv. 75
[* Acquire: 20x Poisonous Bear's Heart
[* Mob: Purple Poisonous Bear - Strong Lv. 75
[** Acquire: 20x Sphinx's Heart (30% droprate)
[** Mob: Exotic Sphinx - Strong Lv. 75

Lv. 75 - Approaching the Pirate King
NPC: Malcolm (Dead Water Wasteland)
[Mob: 20x Elegant Shooter - Strong Lv. 75
[1> NPC: Gibran (Black Stone Coast)
[1.1> Acquire: 20x Scorpion Flesh (20% droprate)
[1.2> Mob: Black Stone Scorpion Queen - Strong Lv. 75
[2> Acquire: 15x Feather Decoration from Helmet (100% droprate)
[2.1> Mob: Mysterious Armor - Strong Lv. 75
[2.2> Timer: 40 minutes

Lv. 75 - All about Nidia
NPC: Belinda (Dead Water Wasteland)
[Acquire: 25x Claw of Mela
[Mob: Fierce Mela - General Lv. 75

Lv. 75 - Crevice!?
NPC: Schneider (Black Stone Coast)
After talking to Nidia you can open the dungeon
To finish the quest you´ll have to kill Nidia,

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