View Full Version : AC 10 + BS 10 + DH 10 or AC & BS 0 + DH 7 ?

September 15th, 2017, 01:04 AM
Which would you choose for your Fs ?

September 16th, 2017, 07:09 PM
Dh 7

October 7th, 2017, 05:48 AM
Dh 7

please justify your reply

December 4th, 2017, 11:52 AM
1 skill to rule them all.. every1 uses it cuz its supposed to be the most dmg output but since there is no real wat to measure out damage other than napkin math its savest to follow the herd. You could check how much delay there is between dh at lvl 10 and see hoe many AC u can fit inbetween and do a rough estimate with some more napkin math.. also i like the constant knockup.. feels like they do less dmg to me cuz cc'd