View Full Version : October 20th: Flash Sale

October 20th, 2017, 02:38 PM
Hey folks! Guess what time it is? It's time for a flash sale! Get ready to purchase some items that would otherwise cost a lot more. Save up to 50% and more on a selection of over 170 items! Get ready to shop till you drop!

Flash Sale
Advanced Black Currant Cookie
Advanced Dragon Fruit Cookie
Advanced Element Fighting Soul
Advanced Organic Cookie
Advanced STR Fighting Soul
Afryas Gacha
Agility Lucky Charm (1 Day)
Anne Gachapon
Apollo's Wings
Armor Tim Gachapon
Barbarossa's Contract Gachapon
Battle Ares Gachapon
Battle Artemis Gachapon
Battle Medea Gachapon
Battle Pet Gachapon 1
Battle Pet Gachapon 2
Battle Sheep Gacha
Bear Armchair
Bear Hammer 3
Bear Mace 4
Black Cat Hat
Black Currant Cookie
Blessing Ares' Crystal Pole
Blueberry Honey Cake
Brave Alpaca Gachapon
Ceaser's Gachapon
Chalice Contract - Priestess Valerie
Chocolate Honey Cake
Cleopatra Gachapon
Craft Fire
Craft Gloves
Cupid List Expansion
Dagger Contract - Queen Doris
Dark Horse Gachapon
Dayspring Gachapon
Death Gachapon
Deluxe Blueberry Cookie
Deluxe Butter Cookie
Deluxe Chocolate Cookie
Desert Sands Set
Divine Bond - Apollo Gachapon
Divine Bond - Ares Gachapon
Divine Bond - Benzaiten Gachapon
Divine Bond - Bishamonten Gachapon
Divine Bond - Daikokuten Gachapon
Divine Bond - Ebisu Gachapon
Divine Bond - Fukurokuju Gachapon
Divine Bond - Hades Gachapon
Divine Bond - Hephaestus Gachapon
Divine Bond - Hermes Gachapon
Divine Bond - Hotei Gachapon
Divine Bond - Juroujin Gachapon
Divine Bond - Poseidon Gachapon
Divine Bond - Rare Sabrinami Gachapon
Divine Bond - Rare Sabrinara Gachapon
Double EXP 1 Hour
Double Quest EXP 1 Hour
Dragon Fruit Cookie
Drop Lucky Charm (1 Day)
Drop Lucky Charm (7 Day)
Elf's Elixir
Enriched Success Potion
Fortune Amulet Gachapon
Free Transmitting Scroll
Free Transmitting Scroll Bag
Fusha Gachapon
Gem Contract - Merchant Joena
Grandmaster Wang Gachapon
Greatsword Contract - Lord Frisen
Green Pet Cookie
Green Tea Honey Cake
Griffin Wings
Hanged Man Gacha
Hattori Hanzo Gachapon
Heirophant Gachapon
Heirophant Gachapon
Hera Gachapon
Hierophant Wings (Female)
Hierophant Wings (Male)
Hillaby Gachapon
Joan of Arc Gachapon
Justice Gachapon
Kana Gachapon
King Arthur Gachapon
King Capybara Gachapon
Kitty Cat Hat
Large Rechargeable Battery
Life Contract - Elf Cima
Light Blue Sailor Hat +
Light Blue Sailor Stockings +
Light Blue Sailor Uniform +
Lime Honey Cake
Lylis Gachapon
Medusa Gachapon
Merlin Gachapon
Meryl's Musical Gachapon
Metal Contract - Minerva
Minotsize Tool Set
Misty Gachapon
Navy cap +
Navy shoes +
Navy suit +
Oda Nobunaga Gachapon
Ofulian Gachapon
Organic Cookie
Original Honey Cake
Perfect Dance Step Card
Permanent Backpack Expansion
Praying Ares' Crystal
Pure Ares' Crystal Pole
Pure Gaia's Crystal Pole
Raijuu Gachapon
Rechargeable Battery
Rogue Contract - Rogue Lona
Same Spot Resurrection Scroll
Sanluo Gachapon
Sapa Inca Gacha
Scepter Contract - General Virtua
Scroll of Return
Shiya Contract Gachapon
Shydan Gachapon
Spy Tattoos +
Spy Trench Coat +
Spy Trousers +
Strawberry Honey Cake
Sword in the Stone(1hd)
Tide Kimono +
Treasure Contract - Explorer Quire
Wand Contract - Yuffie
Wheel of Fortune Gachapon
Wheel of Fortune II Gacha
Wheel Of Fortune RX Gachapon
World Gachapon
World Peace Gachapon
Yajado Gachapon