View Full Version : Battle Supports & DOTs

October 29th, 2017, 03:29 PM
I've seen the guide for Full Supports but would like to know what skills actually affect other ones, as far as attacks.

I do understand that supports are supposed to focus on supporting rather than attacking but I don't always want to party and occasionally just like to do a few things solo. Anyway, I'm curious about what things will increase the skill damage for Support types and so I did a very (very!) minimum of testing.

My subject is Divine Judgement (and maybe later Turn Undead) because that used to be a pretty strong DOT early on and am curious about which passives or buffs may affect this skill. I also tried level 1 Holy Attack but the damage is so variable here that a heckuva lot more time would probably have to be spent on it. Besides, Holy Attack is one of the single-shot skills and so anything increasing magic damage probably benefits this skill.

For Divine Judgement, raising the Intellect stat with gear or the [TP]Intellegence passive skill actually does have a small (~10:1) increase in damage. Not nearly enough to justify raising the stat solely for this purpose, IMO. The [SP]Intelligent Position passive skill had no effect at level 2, which increases magic damage by 22.5 points and so I didn't even bother bumping it up further.

Intelligent Position is probably just useful for the single-shot attacks. Does the Wizardry buff behave similarly?

Can someone please Sticky the Full Support Guide by DJRen? ^ ^