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November 4th, 2017, 12:40 PM

Ive noticed people still stuck at supporting, in most cases because they are just super lazy or spend all their money on pets or costumes, who needs to dps when you can rely on the ONE dps that actually invested into his armor and weapons lol.

But for everyone, who is actually trying to be his her own dps ill write this short guide, and step by step what to focus on.

What you will need: Your brain, and you have to decide what type of DPS you want to be: Mage [Very common imo, more and more people get into it] [Skillspammer >SS<] popular in raids, and an easier type of leveling/rebirthing after or ASPD, the hardest was because surviving when going full power is nothing to easy].

Starting with being a MAGE you will need ARMOR.
First off all, a Lv 50 set is more than enough, if you get the right stats, even level 30 with DG will do it more than enough for "reasonable" dps & supporting in raids with that armor.

Body [Pdef/Mp rec/earthdef] [Pdef, earth] [Pdef/Earth] are reasonable stats, modded to 16 are very useful for raiding/leveling. [Onyxes HP S1+S2]
Pants: Same as your Body.[Onyxes: Trio Onyxes]
Hand/Boot Parts: Matk/Red 1/2 [1 = - BM & 2= - Hunter %] Hunter for leveling, bms are in Raids like NTT/Verm.
[Onyxses: Hands -> M.Accu - Boots can be M.eva/eva.]
Head part: You want HP/Pdef/Re [Onyxes-> S1+S2 HP]
as dream stats, you dont need HP as much as you need Pdef or Red 1, so focus on that.

Body/Pants: Mp Rec - Earthdefense[BONUS STAT] Pdef are dream stats, getting mp rec and earth defense is MORE THAN ENOUGH. [ONYXES-> Patk aka Frat for Body and Trio onyx for - bm is optimal]
Hand/Boots: Patk Red 1/2 [1 = - BM & 2= - Hunter %] Hunter for leveling, bms are in Raids like NTT/Verm.
[ONYXES-> M.acc S1+S2] and for boots [M.Eva/Eva] depends on what you can have, but i pref magic eva.
Helmet:HP/Pdef/Red 1 again same as on mage: Red 1 = -BM [raiding] Red2 =- Hunter [leveling]
[ONYXSES -> HP twice S1+2]


Body/Pants: Earthdefense & Pdef are super nice to have, you should focus on that. [Frat for Body/Trio for Pants]
Hand/Boots: [Dancewear -> gives 8% atkspeed on legendary] [Patk/Red 1-2] [Accu S1+S2 for hands, and boots have eva onyxes].
Helmet: HP/Pdef/Red1 Onyxes[ S1+S2 HP]

So now, since you know what stats you SHOULD GET, NOT 100% NEEDED CAN BE DIFFERENT, how to prepare for being a dps? right you need a weapon.

since most people focus on leveling still, i would suggest going for an earth wand/saber/bow.

What stats do you want on your weapon?
Bow: [patk and hp if you have a suited abacus to skillspam with, with HP mod too without its not worth because switching weapons alot in this type of job is needed, same goes with a staff if you want so sub MA].
Saber: Patk/Accu/HP, you dont need accu for most of it, since buffs give you alot but the HP is nice to have besides patk.

What type of onyxes do you want?

S1: Onyx of Mathematics +30 Earth -
S2: Patk onyx/9/11% on hunter/bm dmg for leveling.
S3: Earthslay +60 earth, very common drop at mirror sprite.
S4: IF AFFORDABLE -> Mp Rec/Hp rec dropped in vermilion raids.

A few more tips to add how to get those DG, onyxes etc.

Double gold stats for armor/weapons ->
http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Blue_Treasure_Chest <- Armor Books
http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Old_Treasure_Chest <- Weapon Scrolls

If you go for a lvl 50 set - you will need agate c -> best farming spot is in canute canal 2
-> http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Canute_Canal_(Blakatoa) <-
http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Male_Stonefish <- drops it.

If you want go for a HLA set, you will need spirit pearls.
Farming those has two options
-> http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Spirit_Catching_Orb if you farm gems in towers, like many people to do get some extra gold you can farm spirit pearls besides that.
Or the mirror sprite instance -> http://domo.wikia.com/wiki/Mirror_Sprite_Instance <-
Not suitable for beginners, you will need a good amount of dps, you can group up.
COSTS 1 SMC per round, but dropps 5-7 pearls and NICE tool scrolls and S3 earth slay onyxes.
1 SMC = 10k -> 5-7 pearls = 30k.
So its a win win situation, if you want to farm that.
If you are decent as duo, you can make about 250 spirit pearls in 1h.

Now to get the onyxes, there is wiki to find it out where you can do such quests for dice chests. Alternativly you can buy them i dont really care, but farming is something you should do if you want to get better at the game, the knowledge is power.

The best thing is, you can find a support to party with when you start to get dps, its a long process but doing stuff on your own is FUN.

November 5th, 2017, 09:56 AM
I'm gonna highlight the MDPS part. I will try correct some, with my experience.

Armor: Robe/DW
Robe is fine, but I recommend Dance Wear since they give balance pdef/mdef once its double golded :p
Using low level hand/shoes to get 40% m.atk, means you need to compensate alot of pdef on head/body/pant.
Every MDPS should aim for aoeing NTL/Xtall! In order to do that, try reach 500 Defense without buff (600 with DOMO Anniversary).
*(Or you wanna spend alot on modding red 1/2 or Earth defense, but modding only pdef will trim the cost)*
**(Or you wanna use shield, go ahead and use your precious passive slot)**

Weapon: True Blizzard Wand 65 m.atk 16/20
Because its cheap, and its True!

Armor Onyx: Head 40% HP, Body 10% M.atk, Pant Hexa/Trio 20%, Hand M.acc 10, Shoe M.eva 10
Weapon Onyx: M.atk 56/104, Clothing/Armor Break, M.atk 6%, HP Regen

Accessory: Divine Wand Demon Charm, Divine Wizard/Shaman/Sorc/Sylph Neclace, Shan Yang Tears/Ao Shell, Divine Ring of M.atk
Costume: M.atk 10%/Pdef 10%

Leveling? AOE at sb using shaman+sorc for supreme aoe, don't forget wizard aoe to maim the mobs.

Things to Consider:
1. Mage doesn't need mp rec bonus nor max MP (you don't need them more once you're aoe)
2. You might have a total 100% m.atk from all your modding, but they are useless if your raw m.atk is low!
3. Try increase your raw m.atk with :
- M.atk pills
- Spellpower scrolls
- Fire of Sultry Summer!
- Full muse buff
- Crane
- Wardrobe, bleh :MAD:
4. If youre rich, get HLA Robe/DW at least on Head/Body/Pant to compensate your pdef if you're using low level set.
5. Lastly, get EMP for leveling :p

November 5th, 2017, 06:16 PM
I'm gonna highlight the MDPS part. I will try correct some, with my experience.

Armor: Robe/DW
Robe is fine, but I recommend Dance Wear since they give balance pdef/mdef once its double golded :p

I do not recommend using DW as a mdps, even as a Sorcerer (who can naturally equip them), for a couple reasons:

-Although double golded DW gives 10% magic damage reduction, this is mostly useful against pvp mages. The raw magic defense gained from robes should be good enough. If you somehow struggle against magic mobs, just keep improving your robes or use Kun's Scale if you must.

-Contrary to popular belief, the defenses of DW isn't quite as balanced compared to robes; the physical defense between the two types of armor are similar, with some of the higher leveled robe sets being slightly higher than DW.

-You lose out on damage output; DG robes give 5% magic damage (which is a cap breaker), upgraded robes give more raw magic attack.

-Once you get Fallen Rain and/or Whirling Frost, you should have very little excuse to use DW.

-Unless you're a Sorcerer, that takes away a passive slot for other useful things: either the mercenary passives of Equip Shield and Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone; or Sorcerer's outrageous MP gain and magic damage increase.

-If you are leveling to obtain Sorcerer though, I would still recommend Shaman's passive of extra MP and instant MP recovery boost from skills like fuse and cataclysmic converter (yes I'm assuming your MP recovery won't be good enough as an AoE if you decide to neglect the mp recovery mod stat entirely, or maybe you're too undegeared to AoE and would be single targetting) or even Thief's Floating Walk to slightly reduce the damage taken from physical skills like Tortoise's Tear and Northern Turtle Legionary's Turtle Ray. The shield should be prioritized over Floating Walk though because of all the extra stats you can get for being an extra piece of gear (defense, HP via onyxes and mods, MP rec via mods, max MP via mods, or even earth defense if necessary).

DW should be seen as a pure anti-mage armor that aspd DPS can partially take advantage of because of the aspd gains.

I do agree with the rest of your post though. Nice subtle advertisement for your saturday PvP :v

November 5th, 2017, 11:48 PM
Oh yes, I considered Sorc as everyone main mage job in the end o\
So I pick Dance Wear since it gives more pdef and magic evasion for pvp
My guide is for low budgeted mdps '3' and also even for mdps, magic pill or mp rec kinda spoils the fun :p

January 9th, 2018, 06:11 PM

Yo. I use those skills for single target dps.

For Aoeing the two hunter aoes, where only dark deluge does things
Double edged sword from bm, + maniac, berserker blow mindless slaughter to single target hit things down.
Money rain from merchant is in your kit anyways