View Full Version : lvl 50 with 100% but can't lvl up 51

January 8th, 2018, 07:58 PM
Hi i am lvl 50 with 100% of the xp, but can't lvl up T-T
https://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/429627Sanstitre12.png (https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=429627Sanstitre12.png)

January 9th, 2018, 03:20 PM
For Closed Beta, the level is capped at 50. Once we launch into Open beta, we'll be increasing the limit and there will be new quests and missions for you to take on

January 9th, 2018, 04:16 PM
ok thank you ^^ the castle will open for the cbt or not ?

January 9th, 2018, 07:21 PM
ok thank you ^^ the castle will open for the cbt or not ?

hey bud! :) you may want to keep an eye on this.


Secret Castle system will be available to players. Secret Castle is a RTS system where players build a castle complete with deadly traps and monsters to defend from other invading players. You can then also invade other players in order to mine valuable resources, including silver coins, and even exact revenge on those who successfully raided yours!


January 10th, 2018, 09:44 AM
yeah i know but you can"t make a thing in the castle for the moment T-T