View Full Version : [February, 14th, 2018] Patch Notes - EXP increase, Item Mall Update!

February 14th, 2018, 04:00 PM
Happy Valentines Day, Bluelanders!

Here are the details for today's patch:

EXP Update

Temporary Changes

EXP rate has been doubled overall while we work on adjusting the curve.
EXP rate will be tripled during weekends.

EXP Changes - Soon

EXP rates will be changed for each zone individually.
Low level zones will have minor changes, while high level zones will have very significant rate increases.
This will mean it will be more viable to grind in the strongest zone you can.

Item Mall Changes

New Items

All previously unreleased costumes are now available.
Community Design Contest items will be available in early march after the contest ends.