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April 16th, 2018, 12:50 PM
Hello to the staff, first of all I will say that I am using the translator since it is not my language, English.

I've been thinking about this post for a long time, and this is really going to end badly if something is not done.

First of all I love this game, I like its visual style, dungeons, classes, and above all the people I met in it, and that's why, although we are often thrown away like anything, I keep playing it and bringing people, I direct a Clan with some friends, we are all always inviting new members, investing real money, so that the game grows.

It is also so that people in this game are mostly idiots, cries of everything, complains about everything and bored to a certain extent, but it is also true that you do nothing to minimize that, because they do not listen to suggestions, they do not say nothing, leave everything on the air, the server is off, and neither a mod or admin, nor the forum or the Facebook page (this is more important) is telling to say something, nobody asks to solve the problems quickly, or that give us taste in everything, for my part I understand very well the pressure that must feel, try to give life to a game almost dead, without people, and the little that has is very toxic, but at least warn, say something , include us in your improvement plans, tell us what you have in mind for the server, which is going wrong, because it is off, if it takes a month for it to delay, as long as it returns and it is for good.

I hope you do not take my post to bad, I will continue supporting the game, and I will continue to be here until the end, it is up to you and your ability to assimilate everything that people say and think of a plan that will improve this situation. Thank you.

Hola al staff, primero que nada diré que estoy usando el traductor ya que no es mi idioma el ingles.

Este post lo vengo ya pensando hace tiempo, y es que realmente esto terminara mal si no se hace algo.

Primero que nada me encanta este juego, me gusta su estilo visual, dungeons, clases, y sobre todo la gente que conoci dentro del mismo, y por eso aunque muchas veces nos tienen tirados como cualquier cosa, sigo jugandolo y trayendo gente, dirijo un clan con unos amigos, todos siempre estamos invitando miembros nuevo, invirtiendo dinero real, para que el juego crezca.

Se asi tambien que la gente en este juego en su mayoria es idiota, llora de todo, se queja de todo y aburren hasta cierto punto, pero tambien es cierto que ustedes no hacen nada para minimizar eso, porque no escuchan las sugrencias, no dicen nada, dejan todo al aire, el server esta off, y ni un mod o admin, ni por el foro o la pagina de Facebook (esta es mas importante) se a digando a decir algo, nadie pide que solucionen los problemas rapido, ni que nos den gusto en todo, por mi parte comprendo muy bien la presion que deben de sentir, tratar de darle vida a un juego casi muerto, sin gente, y la poca que tiene es muy toxica, pero por lo menos avisen, digan algo, incluyannos en sus planes de mejora, cuenntennos que tienen pensado para el server, que va mal, porque esta off, si demora un mes pues que demore, contal que regrese y sea para bien.

Espero no se tomen a mal mi post, yo seguiré apoyando al juego, y seguiré estando aqui hasta el final, ya depende de ustedes y su capacidad para asimilar todo lo que la gente dice y pensar en un plan que haga mejorar esta situación. Gracias.

April 16th, 2018, 09:52 PM
It's kind of sad to see that this hasn't even gotten a response, and it was posted at 11:50 AM EST.
I used to play this game avidly when I was younger, and it had tons of players. GPotato's Luna Online, then Luna Plus, even the private servers were pretty fun (I play for a bit at least once a year). I was enjoying the game when it was first released (it was already out before the release date shown on Steam/whatever else) but it just seemed like the exp curve was so terrible that it wasn't enjoyable with my friends playing it with me. Come to see now that there's almost zero response from staff, the main page hasn't been updated since and probably even before the launch of Reborn.
Does Reborn just get zero funding from Suba? You guys actually have good twists on the normal boring game and can actually make something of it so why the **** not?
Why are you hosting servers for a game if you don't intend to actually run it properly? You're going to lose the little amounts of revenue generated from this because people actually care about the details, and they care to see that y'all care. I care about that game so that's why I'm dropping my 2-cents. But real ****, y'all trash and you need to either tell people the game is done for, or actually put effort. It isn't that hard to update a website or post things to a forum. At least make your **** look clean and not like some half-assed **** show. I thought this was a ****ty private server when I first came to the main page and it still looks like one. Anyways y'all, maybe I'll see you in game one day.

April 16th, 2018, 10:49 PM
Maybe it's time to reboot again? Right?
They'd already done that before. It's not big deal ;-)