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October 15th, 2018, 03:10 PM
1. Get shaman, level to 30 get equip wand skill
Pass the job qualification, change job at Dojo and use your first equip voucher for robe set + wand
Take only single target elemental attack and equip wand skill
Level 10-15 > you can roam eversun south, one hit kill wild pu (earth) with your first skill (wood)
Level 15-20 > take all elemental single target and kill nodding stone at placid, use the right spell rotation and it can be killed with 2-3 spell
20-30 > get lvl 20 wand (armsdealer at city or ask people to craft it) and go to Bbeam kill the big flower with hit and run tactic using single target spell rotation, you probably used all your MP each skill so feel free to sit. P.S.> dont get too close to other flower while you hit one, it may go aggro and youll be chased by two flower which makes it hard to hit and run. If this happen, just run to portal and back again in a minute or so.

2. Get Doctor to at least level 33 and acquire inner magic (MP Regen Skill)
Use your shaman skill and equip wand as sub skill, level just like you level shaman. Just take Heal, regen and inner magic as you only use this for sub job
31-35 > you can move to Big mushroom, located in bbeam too if you feel the flower start giving less exp.

3. Take your job as choice and sub Doctor for its Heal, Regen and MP Regen (You can use this one once you at least level 23) which is what essential for you to solo.
If you get high enough level and feel like you dont get much from your heal/regen, you can start leveling up your doc again.
P.S > if you choose melee phys attacker, its best to not level at Bbeam solo this early, as the big monster hit will drain your HP fast. Killing same level monster at other place is better.

4. From here on, you can start learning about your job of choice, what it can and cant do, which path it can take, etcetera. While you love to solo while leveling, does not mean you cant have friend, go to city, meet people, join a guild.

5. If you happen to have dedicated Healer, you can skip the step and go ahead to your job of choice, or vice versa that you want to become the healer, go find attacker to level together. But it wont hurt if you level other job later, just to use their skill as sub which will help enhance your play.

6. I hope it helps, so have fun and read other guide for other information you may need. P.S credit to anyone who have taught me and give me information when I first start to solo, cant name you guys one by one.

June 2nd, 2020, 03:52 AM
Good news!