View Full Version : December Christmas Events!

November 30th, 2018, 04:56 PM
Greetings Bluelanders!

All throughout the month of December we have planned events that we hope will get you in the mood for gifts and giving!

https://previews.dropbox.com/p/thumb/AASbzseD7b0S6fLNIxRlw9792OYu_EvGTWaB8xREfQIkZZpqul XhPZidmJwxcLPjbSfuhXtjD8nl4V506OBWy7QM46Lsfao-HX16tQAvfny1mPfuyzfleInf3emmNvc4YsdrbhcfkGF5ssSYSd FK5CeMmMi6Zm4AAbgOihv7bgfiWQ8rXujr2BjepoXlR5gnI0kV QbI7NOlE37qCyu8S6f1vEOWUOPaf5JwYgHiK-FDe5g/p.jpeg?size=640x480&size_mode=3

Every weekend between 3pm EST Friday - 3PM EST Monday, there will be 2x droprate, goldrate, and TP rates.

The TRIVIA event will be ran at approximately 3pm EST.

The DROP EVENT event will be passively ran throughout the entire day, details of the event will be posted in-game prior to the event times.

Details about the Forum event will be posted in the coming days, stay tuned!

December 18th, 2018, 03:18 PM
Events in what server? I cannot see anything? Is the game down?