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April 2nd, 2019, 01:44 AM
I was thinking of making a whole guide on [True] Trial Tower, but much of it would just boil down to "get every elemental defense except for wood if necessary", "don't pull too much", etc. Even Trivern is a pushover with the Dancer debuffs, some Skill Unsealing Bugs, and Breeze Pills.

However, I will say with full confidence that Headless Giant Hero is the second hardest, if not the hardest individual boss fight in the game. As such, I will note off some recommendations before we get started. We'll start off bluntly.


Get at least 1k defense + 20k HP
Get the debuffs from the Different Dances tree.
(optional in team, mandatory if solo) Get at least 50 magic evasion
Get at least ~49-51 movement speed
Get monster transformations. This includes Meru and Sara transformations, which are actually objectively better due to their minor stat gains. This is to keep skill animations to an absolute minimum and trust me, YOU NEED IT.

But to also make sure you're actually doing damage:

Get at least 1.8k magic attack
Get at least 5k (SS)/6k (aspd) physical attack

Note: Headless has high physical defense to the point of MDPS being the better DPS type here.

If you do not meet all of this criteria, you are not doing this boss fight in a small team and will want a carry. If you do not meet even the Dancer debuff one, you are not doing this fight, period. Ironic how MDPS does the most damage here as well, because they will struggle meeting the HP/def requirement without purposefully going out of their way.

So, how can you help yourself meet these requirements? For the sake of ensuring a smooth run, let's assume you want to try this as a team of four high geared (but not end-geared) players.

Filling the wardrobe
Modding. At least 48/60 on the def is mandatory. 32/40 on the HP as well, 48/60 if you use shields (which I also highly recommend).
Using magic evasion onyxes
Double golding
DOMO Anniversary title. If you do not have this, use the best king title you have. If you do not have even THAT or a weak king title, the best HP title you have.
Using Bronze Armor Stones. Seriously, these things are underrated. Armor stones DO stack with power stones.
Fu-Ts'ang-Lung's Chest. If you do not have this, Ao's Shell or Longma's Wings
A defense costume.
Divine Wand Skill Charm (yes I'm serious) if you're MDPS.
Breeze/Gale/Hurricane Pills. Pill of Haste can be included to stack even more speed. You'll need to run quite a lot, and you need to be able to at least outrun him or the AoE. I do not find Run Amok suitable enough due to its long cooldown, explained later.
Major Health Boosters. Doesn't have to be uber, but uber lasts 2 hours as opposed to 10 minutes.
Doesn't fit into the requirements, but bring some Yule Logs just in case...

And again, to make sure you're actually doing damage:

Highest Spellpower/Scrapper Scroll you've got
Iron Power/Magic Stones
War God/Tacticain Pills
Magic Gingerbread Man if you're MDPS. If you do not have this, opt for Rice Cakes or Pumpkin Bread. If you do not have these, RIP if you can't cap
60/60 physical attack or magic attack mods
Shadow Warrior/Magic Spirit vanity pets

IF you have the support necessary to survive the hits well enough, you can cut some of this off and swap your defensive items/titles for offensive ones. But for fellow mdps, I have bad news for you...

Using an Artemis set without 20/20 def and/or HP with no shield is asking for death unless your support is god tier. I've tried this raid duo and solo multiple times, and for me at least, it's a struggle even with Bronze Armor and a defense costume. I've had to optimize my old HLA robe set for this boss fight alone and might consider 60/60 def on it for smoother runs (it would be a 12% gain, which could potentially eliminate my usage of the defense costume). Just emphasizes how squishy robes are, huh?

I know this is a high standard, but this is a high standard raid. If you're insane like some of us and want to solo this raid, you'll need to take every single bulletin point in mind and learn how to min-max! And be a MDPS due to the role's highest solo potential (if you can solo this as ASPD or SS somehow, show videos or tons of screenshots or it didn't happen)! Hahahahaha....but anyway, on to the fight itself.

The Death Begins

Apply dancer debuffs 24/7 even when they hit, because they can miss. I will repeat this throughout this part of the guide.

There are two attacking skills he will always use throughout the fight:
-Devil Cut

Devil Cut does heavy damage (an unprepared scrub can take 10k damage) and leaves a heavy DoT debuff on top of that. Explosion is an AoE that can also leave a debuff, this time a stackable one that increases the amount of damage you take, lowers your movement speed, and lowers your attack speed.

This is where magic evasion comes into play. The more you can dodge these skills, the better. Dilligent Ditty thus becomes a high priority song on top of Song of Concentration. Explosion can be easily dealt with, and here we have the Breeze/Gale/Hurricane Pills. Use one, and it will go away. But this debuff stacks! So if he tries to stack it on you again, cancel your pill and use it again. They only have a 10 second cooldown. Alternatively, an attentive solo player will notice Headless has a delay before the Explosion debuff applies, enabling them to run before it does.

Apply dancer debuffs 24/7 even when they hit, because they can miss.

Once Headless starts getting low (~75% HP), he will do an AoE attack. If you have Explosion stacks and no Pill of Haste in effect, this will be hard to dodge. Actually, if you DO have Explosion stacks, your chances of getting one-shot increase. You shouldn't be getting them though if you actually prepared yourself. If you are not transformed, you better not be mid-skill animation! While this attack isn't always fatal, it does still do respectable damage and drains your MP too.

Apply dancer debuffs 24/7 even when they hit, because they can miss.

At around 50% HP, Headless will begin to summon his clones. The indication is when he has rainbow streams surrounding him. Stop everything you are doing and RUN FOR IT, especially if you are the aggro holder. It's bad enough one Headless can do tons of damage, imagine 1-3 more of him doing that amount of damage. Luckily, they will go away after 10 seconds. Soloists, if you time it just right, with enough movement speed you will not draw clone aggro.

Apply dancer debuffs 24/7 even when they hit, because they can miss.

This fight will test your patience, reaction time, and ability to manage your buffs, speed, and damage. You will be rewarded greatly if successful.