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May 7th, 2019, 11:11 PM
I've played this game from day one Close Beta and Open Beta and each year I find more disappointing stuff that subagames as a publisher does wrong to the point where I would honestly rather just see this game shut down .

Players are currently organizing a player run reboot project on May 24th with over 150+ players involved in the discord and 90 who have made a character to participate already in this project SO FAR with more who are going to be attending the project and it's sad how from a management perspective subagames didn't do this first as the official publisher & somehow couldn't see restarting the game or making a new server would be more healthy for the game & the player base in a lot of aspects imaginable, But hey we're not here to talk about that its just one of those intangible that sorta-tie into this whole aspect were here to talk about which are the multiple issues as a publisher you guys have failed to fix or change regarding the game and are ignoring to fix clearly.

The boss timers are completely ruined in so many ways
Tyrant Boss in well of silence spawn is an essential level50 boss which has more than a 24hours respawn
Boss Mic in stormy shores respawns every 1hours-2hours (never consistent sometimes even 30min late)
Wing Designer in Icarus rift is a big topic on zone because the respawn is once every 7 days after maintenance
Scorp Queen in witches clift is needed for level 60 gear material called sage keys and has this 3 hours respawn timer
Damien in misty storm is another important boss for level 60 gear which has 24 hours respawn
Prosecutor in frozen imprisonment is once again a boss that is also important and has a 48 hour respawn

The list above is bosses required for new players to get anywhere in this game without being power level or wasting a lot of IRL currency which makes the game extremely P2W which can be slaightly avoided but hey clearly suba hasn't changed a 3-year mistake still and at this point they most likely will never change it back to their proper 2 hours repsawn timers like in every other lucent heart version which include JP, CN, UK, NA etc boss timers are already bad but there's another big issue on top of it.

Truthfully i don't understand how this is allowed & fail to comprehend how you guys have not done anything to prevent it which is the issue regarding the fact that players can just AFK on top of these bosses for multiple hours killing it with battle pets on alternative characters without even being in front of their computer and preventing other players from even having a chance to see the boss the worst part about situations like this is the fact that they can be avoided if you guys as a publisher actually learned to listen to your playerbases which include taking the advice they have given specially considering the fact that they HAVE given you warnings about this from way back in 2017 and you failed to listen once again or even make solutions to prevent the issues players bought up such as a simple rule on the world announcement.

https://gyazo.com/73baba9febf6568b0064ed35c9e99619 - imbadbad another afk farmer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/22512547b0a85b72c9f0fe8a52b5a2e2 - OtherWorld another afk farmer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/2c4e8dd4e386789ca18f1cf800342cad - False another afk famer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/59b720b43e926cf83326c2bdff1c7454 - SkyMirage another afk farmer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/5904fc6c419ef3278b55c05371d7f7b4 - XiFan another afk farmer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/fb53e16c25c311c7fb92b6a31e433779 - Tangchi another afk farmer with battle pet
https://gyazo.com/63eacb87090cd3bd6ca55150ff34c066 - Flocke another afk farmer with battle pet

Here is how players are able to do this and are currently not being punished(Gifs of them spamming skill on top of themselves)

It's disgusting how I've sent multiple tickets about this and even told you guys in zone to check it out https://gyazo.com/06c4a0f1d8070fa87d799b5c69acbd2b , https://gyazo.com/e05c4beea756953638f49246a86139b7 yet once again ignored everything and once again not responding trying on simple issues to fix the game that got ruined mainly due to mistakes you guys as a publisher made time and time again and yes this is pure flame telling you guys as a publisher need to do a better job & honestly its hard to say stuff kindly when you have to repeat it multiple times throughout multiple days months and years after we were once told :

I hope that covers everything. Let us know if there's anything we're doing wrong or not doing and kindly tell us what it is. We're not perfect but we won't know what we're doing wrong if you don't tell us.

I've tried to tell you guys and got ignored as shown above for multiple weeks same with a lot of other situations that have developed in this game throughout the years but now its reach an even worse point then ever before there is zero transparency as a publisher regarding this game and it now has an even worse lack of gm presence then ever before without even a “Proper GM” to host an event for over 2 months check the event calendars enough evidence for this point.

Another instance which is good to bring up was when I was once told https://gyazo.com/d041095d92ec95ee18eb17973c333025 regarding a ticket back suggesting you guys to restart the game or make a new server and listed every change players would want in the game and got another response after wards https://gyazo.com/05f74d403fe6093e8877b71786451f8d which was never carried or spoken off again https://gyazo.com/e9f1d1a33cf807f433df2ae06e6d8296 even after a lot of players got their hopes up thinking “oh something might finally happen” but then once again the zero transparency and lack information regarding these situations afterwards which was once again the typical issue but as a publisher i strongly recommend you to think about aspects you guys as a publisher need to fix which is honestly just core basic aspects in how the management staff should work around issues while also learning to listen to players to some player who actually go above and beyond multiple times giving you guys chances to fix stuff considering its for a reason

Another instance is the millege shop which was talked about & Started by ZenDragoon, May 6th, 2015 01:45 PM once again never impletmented or talked about from subagames as a publisher after all these years still not out

Hello everyone,

The Lucent Heart Mileage Shop is almost setup but we are looking for player suggestions of what you would like to be added to the shop. At this time, we are rather short on available costumes that can be exclusive to Mileage Shop so please suggest other items to be added.

Let us know what you'd like to see and why!

May 17th, 2019, 01:54 PM
still no response :D

May 22nd, 2019, 05:30 PM
all tickets still open btw : )