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June 18th, 2010, 04:45 AM
wolverine(My Ranking 3)
It is usefull because it is the only way for archer to tank mobs.
the level is not important, because you can re-sommoning it.
your partner is always better tanker than your wolf.

Evasion(My Ranking 4)
First, My understanding of what is the meaning of ability of evasion 11%(level1)

this is just a average rate of chance of evasion by hits.
this rate is affected by level difference.
meaning, higher level attacker give lower rate of chance of evasion, and lower level attacker give more rate of chance of evasion base on skill level.

Another words, for a level 100 archer. She can easily get evasion on 8x monsters and players.
and almost never can get evasion on 11x monsters and players

also, I've tested a shield with 500% block rate, still lose HP.
just mention that, in this game, 100% not meaning 100 percent.
Similar skills like My Monster(knight), and Extinction(PRS)

It will be great helpfull in SOD playing. but before that, you should think, how many times you can stand till the end of Round without lose?

Phoenix Shot(My Ranking 1)
what else skill of attacking you want beside this?

It is the fastest casting skill in the game, and the highest damage per shoot
No one can take your monster when you keep PSing.(unless L10 GrandCross on undead and L10 bone crash on evil)

In my party, average damage output ranking is
ata/as > fs > ms > ps

(sorry about ks half handicapped and mgs fully handicapped class)

at BC, when someone realise you are attaking him, he already get 3-4 hit of PS.
5-6 hit for your similar level PS/FS/PRS/KS/ATA/AS
100% down.

but 1 hit you may down :)
and whatever you do on as, still 1-2 hit be killed.

The only reason people don't use it is the condition of casting.
solve way is raise higher spirit to get much more mana point

gap of each pefect req sheltom is 8(B-E=E-I=I-M=M-C=C-D=8)

Agi does not like Str give much more attack rate and no HP bonus.
so I don't mind to give up some of agi for spirit. to cast more skill.

and if you do cast PS, you never need to worry about the attack rating.

but useless skill in SOD.

FON(My Ranking 2)
Give you attack rate is necessary to max it.

June 18th, 2010, 07:01 AM
How can you have used a shield with 500% block O_O
I dont think evasion has anything to do with lvl difference, same like block

"Agi does not like Str give much more attack rate and no HP bonus"
Str doesnt give any attack rate bonus, only agility and talent do.

And holy incant. and Excintion do not work decent in ept, if you compare to other servers like Bpt you will see their succesrate is much higher.

June 18th, 2010, 02:01 PM
i created in private server, just test what is the rate mean

for acher, never care about those few attack rating.
i still keep Dion's Eye lv1

I didn't mean level different give increase or decrease of evasion %
just up/dn effect of possible of evasion
like "more appear chance on noob, and less appear chance on pro"