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July 12th, 2010, 07:55 AM
hear is my idea for making money..

1. I think that all lvls from 1-80 its best to mix items cause anyway each 5 lvls u chaning wep
2. need to take all items and money that on floor
3. if u got items try to open a shop and sell, dont sell right a way to reguler store.
4.hige lvls mages doing really good money from sod. 80+
5. when u training u dont have to use much mana
use it only once in a while...

i think thats all.. if ther have more.. just tell me
and i will add

July 14th, 2010, 05:51 AM
repair before selling to npc

July 14th, 2010, 07:19 AM
Buy when prices are low then sell them on the average when people are desperate.
Best "trick" I ever pulled, bought about 20 devine forces for 25k ea since no one had been buying apparently..Waited for things such as mini events then shopped them at 75k ea. They went like wild fire.
You can do this with pretty much anything, especially sheltoms and xtals.

If you have in-game rich friends though, money is not much of an issue..I'll sell 3x - 4x items for ridiculous(high) prices, only because I know that when my friend sees me he always buys me out then gives the items away (or sometimes back to me.) :P

But quite honestly, the economy in Awell is $%#&ed. I mean I haven't gotten a character to 8x, and I'm not even that anticipated TO get them to that level, because I have no idea how I'll be able to afford any equiptment(even with my friends buying out my shops)..I see Extreme armor and shields go for like 4.5mil. Only way you can really afford anything is if your 9x friends give you old equiptment, or you get lucky.