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July 24th, 2010, 10:37 AM
Hello Everyone, I am coming from World of Warcraft looking for a change and is really hoping someone can help me out with some questions.

1) I would really like to do solo boss's at end game, what class would be the best and how would you stat them out?

2) Pike, Warrior, mage are the 3 class's I am interested in but on the forms everyone says mage is a great tank but does poor damg so can they really solo boss's at end game?

3) I keep reading you need enough stats for XX item, but they never say the stats required. If someone could post a link that shows gear requirements that would be sweet, unable to find one.

4) Post your in game name if you are willing to help me get started even if its a couple hundred gold to start with gear or if you can help with questions when I have them.

Thank you all for your time reading this and hope I get some positive feed back.

July 24th, 2010, 12:40 PM
Hello and welcome to Priston Tale.

At first, Priston Tale is an old game so do not expect anything like WW.

If you want to do Solo boss’s at end game. You’d better go with Fighter or Pikeman. I left Knight out even knights are good at Valento boss hunt.

Stay away from mage, you can’t solo boss’s at the end game with mage. Yes, someone might say mage can, but it will take years and the next life to get to where you can solo boss and another life to kill it with the current mage’s skills. So still go with Fighter or Pikeman.

The stats required for each item are varies. You can find some information from http://pt1.subagames.com/guide_index.aspx and www.ept1.net

Leave you in game name here, if you want help. Some of us do not want to leave in game name here. We do not mind to help, but we do not like beggars after us while we are doing our business.