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July 28th, 2010, 08:56 PM
OK, so I have a buddy at work who was looking for a new MMO. I talked him into playing PT, so I could come back and help him out. He has been asking questions like, "Where is a list of the armors? Where is a list of monsters and levels?" etc.... So I told him to go on the PT website and click on Guide. Well it seems since I left the game over a year ago, the site was redisgned and has some broken links and lack of info for a new player. It is a suggestion that Suba attempts to fix this, to help keep new players attracted to the game. The list of things that are now broken or missing is: Defenses link (broken no info), Monsters link (broken no info) World Map (broken no info), Smelting and Item Manufacture (broken no info) and lastly, under Class Information, they show just tier 1 for each character and the animations have been removed that showed each skill. It does not show tier 2, 3 and 4. It would be great if Suba could get the web designer to look into it, because overall the site design is great, but some things are broken or missing that were once there.

July 28th, 2010, 09:25 PM

isnt official, but, there can find info like, maps, list of mobs, items stats. and too some news about server, like events or patchs.

mmm... i think just info about class isnt there.

July 29th, 2010, 04:42 AM

Another non-offical site.

Here you can find info about quests and skills.
The skillsection is not updated for a long time, but you can see what kind of skills you can learn and at what level.

July 29th, 2010, 09:07 PM
Oh I know those things, just saying that for new players like my friend and others who are checking out the game, it doesn't make sense that they need to go to a 3rd party web site to see these basics. I know that the site used to have all of the things listed. I wonder if a GM could come into this thread and explain. I think it would be better for them to have links that aren't broken, and actually have info in them for potential new players to see instead of having to go out to multiple 3rd party sites to get all the info. Seems like whomever designed that portion of the site, had some problems making links lol, or the info within the links is no longer there. Either way, it appears to be partially technical, and the other is just not having all of the skills or animations they used to have.

Bump: Also, why is this in new player introductions, I would have thought this would be either community or suggestions, or bugs or support, anything but new player lol