View Full Version : Shoudl i max Storm Javelin or Split Javelin after lvl 90 ?

August 19th, 2010, 02:10 AM
Hey there fellow Atas =)

Just a question from an old Atalanta character. I was 84 when i stopped years ago and started again lately. Just ding 90 ~

Normal ata Build (154str) :
- Ven 10, HoV 3 (going for 10)
- Throwing Mast 10, Windy 10, ToV 10

So ... i still got 6 points to put somewhere and i was wondering if i should max (or +8) Storm Javelin for aoe xp in lower map (i2), or max Split jav.

When i was playing the plan for high level ata was to spam like 5 Ven (think it was 5 not sure) then 1 Split with the rest of mana pull. Pot. Rinse & repet. The advantages (compared to just spam Ven) were that you use all your mana before using a pot and that Split Jav 10 damage > Ven 10 damage when you can use it (delay). So more dps, faster xp and less boring than spamming Ven :O But with the skill update i don't know if it's accurate anymore.

On the other hand i liked Storm :P Did 1 - 90 with max storm and Hov for evasion, going to hs on map as soon as i can, luring 10~15 mobs then aoe. It's fun and fast xp. Maybe dangerous but keeps you awake xD. But with ice map and high hp mobs i don't think it will works anymore.

So ... Split 10 ? Storm 10 ? what do you think.

p.s. Oh, and it's for xp purpose, not pvp ;)
(Sorry for bad engrish ><;)

ed teh gar
August 19th, 2010, 02:29 AM
At 95+ according to my ata friend going to loc and 1 on 1ing with parties with veng and split is faster then goin to s2 or similar maps using storm jav.
It works in iron2 ( hp mp charges) and ice maps as well.

The higher you level those multiple mob maps will continue to give less exp per kill due to level differences.

August 20th, 2010, 11:00 PM
the only reason to keep storm after 95 is SOD
so if you like SOD, max storm
if you dont care about SOD i would even suggest to reskill and ditch storm alltogether so you can have max split at 96.

either way it wont make much of a difference because with the latest vengeance update split 10 will only outdamage ven 10 if ven wont crit.

atas only skill problem is that theyre finished at 102 with maxing vengeance and hov :p

August 24th, 2010, 02:57 PM
If u like to solo sod keep storm 10.
If u go sod in larger parties you will get more kills in party with veng 10 then storm10.