View Full Version : Clan Battle Server - Status = Open!

October 28th, 2010, 11:12 AM

The Clan Battle server has been tested thoroughly by us and seems to be in full working order. Here's how the Clan Battle server works:

Everyday from 4:00PM - 12:00AM EDT(GMT -5), the clan server will be open for competitive play(we think it might open at 5:00 rather than 4:00 as two tests have indicated that it's still not running at 4:00). Anyone can make a room in the Clan Battle server, but only members of the clan of the person that created the room can join that room. Once you are all ready, the room leader queues up and the server will try to find another team to match you up against.

You can only participate in a clan match if you have 1,000 Silver Coins per member stocked up in your clan bank, so for a 5v5, you will need 5,000 Silver Coins and an 8v8 will require 8,000 Silver Coins. If you get each member to donate 1,000 Silver Coins before the match, this cost is not hefty.

Clan battles work much like regular pub rooms with a few key exceptions. We assume that once a member leaves a match, they cannot get back in(disconnections or otherwise). The match however does not stop, you will have to play with a member short. We also assume that it's a best-of-three format. You play 9 rounds(or whatever you set it to) on one team, and then whoever wins this gets one point. The teams are automatically switched and you play another 9 rounds. If the same team wins again, they get another point and it's game. We're not sure what happens if both teams win one but we're assuming a third set will be played to determine a winner.

Both teams that participated in the clan match get ranking points, with the winners getting more points than the losers. This in turn reflects on the clan site which gives you a listing of the top clans by rank which is a direct result of these clan matches.

With clan creation cards requiring gold coins at the moment, matchmaking may be a little tough unless you coordinate amongst yourselves, but we expect to see business picking up in the Clan Battle server once the clan creation cards drop to silver coins. Remember that the matchmaking is automatic, you do not get to pick your opponents. If only 2 rooms are in the Clan Battle server then it's fairly obvious that they will be matched but if there are more, you cannot guarantee that you'll get your 'intended' opponent if you set something up with another clan beforehand.