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November 1st, 2010, 04:38 PM
Before Starting Here Why You Should See It More On Screenshots On Parts:
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The Lost Master Story

The Master Of Tempskron-Verkan
But Before A Lot Of Years They Have A Difrent Master
Until One Time The Master Was Send For A Mission At A Temple
But He Never Come Back And All Tempskron Know Thet The Master Was Dead
They Call To The Temple:"Cursed Temple"
After 5 Years Fighter Called Noam2000 Found The Cursed Temple
He Enter There And Then He Cannot Out Anymore
He Run And Run To Find Exit But Then Someone Atack Him
He See Have It Was A Shadow Have Almost Kill Him!
I Feel Fear I Run And Run
But Nothing...
Lot Of Monsters Tryning To Kill Me
And Im Lost!
But Then I Found The Master Fighting The Monsters!
The Master Say To Me With Our Power We Can Break The Entrance
So We Runing To The Entrance
And Then Something Realy Scary Come:Fury
And He Kill The Master!
I Hide Inthere Like 30 min
But Then Fury Found Me And Kill Me Too
But Priestess Named 5o5a Found Me!
And Do On Me Vitutal Life
I Found The Exit And Run From There
I Run To Ricarten To Verkan
And I Tell Him What Hepend
But He Say Have He Block The Entrance!
I Dont Belive!
Verkan Kill Our Master To Be Our Master!
We Start A Battle,We Fight Long Time-He Realy Powerful
But After 1H He Cut My Hand!
I Cant Move Its Realy Heart!
So He Drop Me To Wolverine Jail!
I Cant See From Heart But I Hear Verkan Says:
"I Tired From This Thing I Will Rule All Ricarten!
Everybody Will Work For Me!"
I Dont Think He Can Do This
But I Hear Wolverine Coming To Eat Me But Then I Was Lucky
The Night Comes And Wolverine Dissapeard
Then I Fill Better-I Found A Way To Out
And I Cant Belive What I See
Verkan Destroy Ricarten!
And Verkan Rule The Players With Hes Suits
I Run To Verkan To Kill Him
But He Say He Dont Want To Fight
Verkan Told Me Have I Cant Hold My Axe In One Hand
And I Realy Cant
Then He Come With Hes Sword To Cut My Head
But Then I Kick Him At Face And He Drop His Sword
Good He Using Sword For 1 Hand
And I Did It!I Cut His Head!
Finily Verkan Dead
But Then Someone Have Verkan Rule Him Too
His Named Was:ToloRre
He Want To Kill Me And We Start Battle
Then I Broke His Suit And He Come Back To Him
Now We Are Team And We Tryning To Break All The Suit
When We Come To Ricarten There Was An Lot Of Soldiers-All Priston Tale Players!
I Start To Fear But I Have To Do This! When We Come On The First Sec They Kill
ToloRre! I Was Run To Warp Gate But Invetor Of Warp Gate Destroy It T_T
I Have No Way To Run
They All Come To Kill Me!
Im Stuck! I Just Close My Eyes And Let They Kill Me
I Dont Have What To Do Anyway
I Cant Belive I Was So Stupid!How Can Fighter lvl 78 Kill All Priston Tale Players?!
Then I Die...
After Some Hours I Start To Open My Eyes Little But Didnt Open The Eyes Full
I Was Heard:Another Someone Die,If He Dont Wakeup We Will Have To Bury Him
I Cant Belive Have I Still Can Hear And I Didnt Die
But I Cant Move And Cant Talk
Everybody Think Im Dead And Now What?
Wait,How They Talk Like Normal Players If I Didnt Break The Suits?
Then After 6H I Was Can Talk And Go Again!
But I Was Too Late:They Bury Me
I Was Have To Find A Way Out Cos Its Realy Hard!
But I Found A Way To Out And I Was In Some Mystery Place
There Was 5 Women:
Casa,Ariel,Secretary Karina,Sylpy,Noas
I Was Come To Talk With Noas
She Tell Me Everybody Who Die Coming Here
And He One More Time To Live Only If He Win SOD
So I Say Ok
But Then She Stop Me And Tell Me:
Look,I Know The Story With Verkan
And I Know How To Stop Thet:
Verkan Take The Power Control From Fury
He Put On Fury Some Stuff Have Doing You To Think You Are Fury
If You Defeat Fury The Power Control Will Break And The Suits Will Do Nothing
If You Win SOD You Have To Defeat Fury!
I Answer:HOW?Im Only lvl 78!
"Belive Me,You Can Do It"
Take The Inferna Force And The 6 Extreme Crystals
Thets Will Help
"Ok Thanks"
And I Come To SOD
Then I Win And Get My Life Back
Then I Run To Fury And I Was Realy Scard
When I Come To Hes Area He Ailready Srart The Fight
Its Take 3H-I Was Just Runing From Him!
Then I Was In The Corner And The Fury Dont Giving Me To Escape
So I Had No Choise-I Jump From The Battle!
I Fall Without End Then I Wakeup At Sancturay Of Darkness!
I Didnt Know How I Was There But Then I Hear Screams:
Run!Run!His Coming!RUN!
Then The Fury Fall!
I Was Too LOL
The Fury Want Revenge...
Again I Fight With Him
I Was Drink 300 Life Pots
Then I Found The Power Control Machine!
I Was Stock My Axe Other There And It Was Going To Explode
I Was Tryning To Take My Axe But He Stock!
I Had No Way I Run And I Lost My Axe
But I Brake The Power Control!
I Was Come To Ricarten
And EveryBody Come To Me With:"You Cool!"Super Job"
And Stuff Like Thet
I Was Come To Verkan Place And Didnt Belive What I See!
He Become To Zombie!
Then He Talk To Me:
Becose Of YOU Im Zombie!
And You Will Die!
Then All The Players Of Priston Tale Become To Revived!
Verkan:Its Your Time To Die!
You Cant Stop Me!
You Dont Have Axe!You Dont Have Hand!What You Can Do?!HAHAHA
I Was Fear
All Players Was Revived And Come To Kill Me
Then The Lost Master Come!
He Tell Me Have He Jump From The Arena Too
And Come To Here
Lost Master:No Time To Talk! Time To Kill Revived Enemies!
Verkan:I Dont Think So...
Then Verkan Do The Lost Master To Revived TOO!
Then He Become From A Zombie To VALENTO!
This Is The Most LOL!
They Come To Kill Me
But Then I Fill Something
I Was Start Filing Have Something Im Going To Do...
I Found A New Skill!
The "Energy Atack" Skill!
Anyone Dont Know Thet Skill!
I Was Start To Work On Energy Ball!
Verkan Was LOL
Then I Do A Energy Ball!
He Become Big,So Big Thet Explode!
Its Killed All Revived And Valento!(VERKAN)
But What Now?
I Only In Priston Land?!
Then I Found On Verkan Cout A Button,On The Button Says:Reset
I Push The Button And I Wokeup In The Opening Of Cursed Temple!
I Was In The Start Of The Story!
I Run In! Take The Lost Master
Do The Energy Ball On Fury And We Run To Ricarten
In The First Time I See Verkan I Kill Him!
And I Tell What Hepend
And Now The World Was Saved
The Old Master Now Our Master Again!
So I Guess This Is:

November 1st, 2010, 05:05 PM
Nice story and fun to read.

November 1st, 2010, 05:06 PM
work on this lot of time

November 1st, 2010, 05:11 PM
When will the next part come? ^^

November 1st, 2010, 10:03 PM
busy... didnt u read the last one, everybody became happy and he killed the bad zombie skill master, everybody got rid of the curse and where happy, so, its like a disney movie, always a happy ending :)

November 2nd, 2010, 10:20 AM
When will the next part come? ^^
Its Done
5 Parts :)
Maby Will Be
The Lost Master Story 2 XD

November 2nd, 2010, 11:27 AM
busy... didnt u read the last one, everybody became happy and he killed the bad zombie skill master, everybody got rid of the curse and where happy, so, its like a disney movie, always a happy ending :)

Ok you're right, but how many disney movies exist? :P

November 2nd, 2010, 12:57 PM
Before Starting Here Why You Should See It More On Screenshots On Parts:
Verkan Was LOL

So was I !