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February 3rd, 2011, 12:35 AM
aside from murky and devine mix? do you we have other formula of mixing items such celesto mix ?

thank you.

February 3rd, 2011, 05:08 AM
The long awaited Celesto mixes!

Critical +4%
•Sparky(2), Murky(2), Devine(3), Celesto(3)
Hit Rate +100/Critical +3%/Min,Max Attack Power+6
•Sparky(1), Transparo(4), Devine(2), Celesto(4)
Hit Rate +80/HP +30/Min,Max Attack Power+7
•Raident(2), Transparo(1), Murky(2), Devine(3), Celesto(2)
Critical +5%/MP +30/Min,Max Attack Power+7
•Murky(5), Devine(4), Celesto(3)
Critical +4%/MP +50/Min,Max Attack Power+7
•Devine(5), Celesto(5)
Critical +4%/HP +50/Min,Max Attack Power+7
•Transparo(1), Murky(1), Devine(5), Celesto(5)
Hit Rate +80/Critical +5%/Min,Max Attack Power+7

Defensive Power +50
•Murky(2), Devine(2), Celesto(2)
•Sparky(2), Transparo(2), Devine(3), Celesto(3)
Defensive Power +50/MP +40
•Raident(3), Murky(3), Devine(1), Celesto(3)
Absorption +4.0/HP +25
•Murky(1), Devine(2), Celesto(5)
Defensive Power +50/Absorption +4.0
•Devine(5), Celesto(5)
Defensive Power +60/MP +50
•Transparo(1), Murky(5), Devine(1), Celesto(5)
Absorption +4.0/HP +40

HP +40
•Sparky(1), Raident(3), Murky(2), Celesto(3)
Defensive Power +50/MP +20/Muscular Power +60
•Raident(2), Transparo(3), Murky(3), Celesto(2)
Block Rate +4%/HP +30
•Transparo(3), Murky(1), Devine(2), Celesto(2)
Absorption +2.0/MP +30
•Murky(3), Devine(2), Celesto(3)
Defensive Power +60/Block Rate +5%
•Devine(5), Celesto(5)
Absorption +2.0/HP +20/MP +20
•Transparo(2), Murky(2), Devine(2), Celesto(5)
Block Rate +4%/HP +50

MP +30
•Sparky(2), Murky(3), Devine(2), Celesto(2)
Defensive Power +20/MP Recovery +0.8/Muscular Power +50
•Raident(1), Transparo(1), Murky(2), Devine(2), Celesto(3)
MP +60/Muscular Power +50
•Raident(2), Devine(3), Celesto(3)
Absorption +1.5/MP Recovery +1.0/HP +30
•Murky(2), Devine(2), Celesto(4)
Defensive Power +30/MP Recovery +1.0/Muscular Power +50
•Devine(5), Celesto(5)
Absorption +2.0/MP Recovery +1.2/HP +30
•Transparo(1), Murky(5), Devine(1), Celesto(5)
Defensive Power +20/MP Recovery +1.2/MP +60

April 11th, 2011, 10:32 AM
What other formulas are out there?

April 11th, 2011, 11:04 AM
What other formulas are out there?

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