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March 11th, 2011, 08:22 PM
I just wanted to bring this minor detail to light and to address the imbalance of this skill currently. For those not familiar, I am talking about the Atalanta 63 skill from tier 4 (X-Rage). As it stands right now, X-Rage only hits one time according to what I have tested. Due to the unique properties of this skill, and due to that fact that it is an underused skill in most Ata's arsenals is probably why it has been neglected and unnoticed. There are several issues with this which I will point out now.

Storm Javelin does MORE damage than X-Rage

Storm Javelin (Tier 3 level 50 skill) hits twice X-Rage hits only once. See the problem here? But then you tell me that the insane modifier on X-Rage makes up for that. I'm sorry but it doesn't come close really if we do the math. Not to mention the fact that Storm can be spammed whereas with X-Rage you are stuck with a 10-15 second delay. This delay would be justified if the attack actually hit three times like it should instead of leaving us with a gimped skill!

For all damage tests I'm going to use a median damage of 300, so that means, you have a min damage of roughly 200 and a max of roughly 400 (low to mid 9x).

If you hit for 300 damage with Storm Jav and its at level 1 (10% boost on two hits), that comes to around 660 Total Damage.

If you hit for 300 damage with X-Rage and its level 1 (70% boost on one hit) you do around 510 Total Damage.

If you hit for 300 damage with Storm Jav and its at level 10 (76% boost on two hits), that comes to around 1056 Total Damage.

If you hit for 300 damage with X-Rage and its level 10 (160% boost on one hit) you do around 780 Total Damage.

This comparison to me is quite laughable. Here I always wondered why I did low damage using X-rage, but I never sat down to calculate the math until now. To make a comparison to the AoE Tier 4 Skill of Knights, Sword of Justice, it does MORE damage than 1 cast of brandish. I would argue for SoJ to be spammable for knights, but only if Atalanta's X-Rage was bumped up to three hits like it should be (since the latter is far superior in attack area the delay is still appropriate).

The Animation of X-Rage shows three hits

This is self explanatory. The atalanta jumps up and throws three spears into the ground, but damage is only applied once? Does this make sense to anyone else? It would be like split jav only hitting once when you see three attacks coming out, or destroyer only hitting once when there is obviously three attacks attached to the skill. Then you have skills like Flame Wave and Dia from Mages that hit more times than their animation shows (twice respectively).

The only other exception here would be Mages meteor, where you see more than three meteors, but nonetheless the attack hits three times minimum, where a skill with similar area (X-Rage) shows three attacks coming out but only applies damage from one.

Damage, Delay and other Factors

To compare the extent of one's damage with level 10 X-Rage, I was able to one-shot BARGONS in navisko at low 9x. Yes, Bargons who have roughly 600-800 hp (something like that). I couldn't take out Headcutters or anything higher (~1200 HP and they were left in the red). This damage to me is simply pathetic for a tier 4 skill, especially for one that is raised to level 10. When a level 1 Storm Javelin outdamages X-Rage at level 1 or heck, level 10, something is wrong. From my example above, X-Rage 10 was doing only 120 More Damage than level 1 Storm for pete's sake! Bring in the fact that X-rage cannot be spammed...and that's reason enough to facepalm.

Things would be fine if X-Rage could be spammed currently, I mean it only hits once, and does less damage than Storm per cast. Yes the area is larger but it is a Tier 4 skill after all. But then problems arise if this skill is made spammable, than mages will want meteor spammable, Priestess will want Chain Lightning spammable...Knights with sword of Justice spammable (which I see no problem with) the list goes on..

Simply applying 3 hits to X-Rage like the animation shows (and keeping the delay as it stands currently) would be a simple fix one would think...Nonetheless I'm be creating a poll to find out what most Atalanta's think should happen (or nothing at all). Test the damage of X-Rage for yourself. It does LESS DAMAGE in one cast than storm. Period (unless you have 7-10 X-Rage which hardly does more than 1 cast of storm).

Please leave your feedback on the poll above (Atalanta or not), and I appreciate you taking the time to read this essay!

March 11th, 2011, 09:06 PM
This is one of my loved ata skills. though it is almost useless it is always configured to the quick button between vengeance and storm xD

i voted for the first option, i would like to see the three clear shots (plus the spash damage and knock back affecting ALL mobs, that including those above ice maps) and having all these working i wouldn't really really mind the delay, it could be a nice "finishing move" as i genereally use it.

The 1 hit spammable looks tempting, jump onto the air and start shooting airborne till the mana run out (or release the button) yeah baby i'd like that, but knowing the devs IF they ever do that change the ata would jump onto the air for every shot, then down and jump again for next one, effectively rendering the skill into a ridiculous animation loop and like speed 2 lol.

March 11th, 2011, 09:22 PM
Glad I'm not alone here. Thanks for the input, Chislev. If I remember correctly private servers have removed delays on many tier 4 skills (X-Rage included) so it is definitely not an impossible feat. Though in my eyes, removing the delay entirely would create imbalance with the other Tier 4 Area of Effect skills that have delays (Chain Lightning, Meteor, Sword of Justice, Cyclone Strike, Impulsion and more...).

Mainly I have a gripe that Storm Javelin received a boost (12% in total damage iirc) back in the March 2010 skills update while X-Rage was left untouched. I still think many Atalantas fail to notice the poor damage output of the skill in general, because it REALLY seems like it is hitting three times (due to the animation) until you notice that the damage is severely lacking.

Honestly wish I could make a vid showing the differences in damage between Storm and X-Rage...

March 13th, 2011, 12:44 AM

March 13th, 2011, 05:59 PM
thats not a bug , ata need to throw 3 spear in order to explode the attk :X

March 13th, 2011, 09:19 PM
I but x-rage is quite use :) if it is spammable :) likewise in the other pt :) but in such case i think it's not possible in our community..

March 13th, 2011, 11:50 PM
thats not a bug , ata need to throw 3 spear in order to explode the attk :X

There is low probability of this being addressed by Suba, though regardless, the range issue IS a bug. Performing a skill and having it do 0 damage doesn't make any sense in the least and area attacks don't miss at all, so attack rating is not factored in.

About it hitting three times over once...I've addressed issues above as to why it should hit three times in my opinion. Perhaps it was something the initial developers overlooked. Balance wise, there is no reason as to why Storm should be doing more damage (in 1 attack) than X-Rage, that's what I believe.