View Full Version : Monthly Clan Battle Winners - Mar.03 to Mar.31 - DeathFromAbove/Sovereign

March 31st, 2011, 02:13 PM
Congratulations to DeathFromAbove and Sovereign for achieving the top spot for clan points over the course of the last month! The illustrious Golden M4A1s have been delivered!

...I think I'm going to have to explain this one. A list of players is made(by me) on the day of the rewards. DeathFromAbove won twice this month, Sovereign also won twice this month. Realistically I should be recording what the winning scores are in a case like this so I can determine a final winner, so ultimately it's my fault that I can't reward only one clan. In my defense, there's no recorded clan points history on a per-week basis that I can look at when a case like this does occur, there's only 'This Week', 'Last Week' and 'Total', so I'm going to have to start recording scores manually in the event that something like this does happen again.

Realistically speaking this shouldn't have any large effect in-game(none really) because a winners list is only composed on the day that rewards are given... and seeing as how there's currently only 5 people in DeathFromAbove, I can only reward 5 people for that monthly win. Adding up Sovereign's cast of 20-something members to the 5 in DeathFromAbove now, overall there's still going to be less Golden M4A1s on the battlefield in comparison to last month.

If DeathFromAbove still had their huge roster, this would have been somewhat of a problem because I wouldn't like having that many Golden M4A1s on the field at one time. I'd have to if a single clan was that large(it can't be helped in a case like that), but if it was because two clans were being rewarded it would make it worse because that's a result of a mistake that I made, not game semantics. Again, even though two clans are getting rewarded now, between the two clans there are less than 35 people so it's not a big issue.

Good luck to everyone this month! Rewards will be coming in over the next few minutes.