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May 20th, 2011, 03:19 AM
Before I get kingsoft or suba get on my back and constantly watch my activity. Allow me to be straight but, your damage system is way obvious.

It doesn't take a P.H.D., or a baccalaureate to figure out this. Common logic, observation and creativity lead me to this.

The only third party program ever used to discover this, is simply a software called "Fraps" and "OpenOffice.org"

So how damage works.
Since we all know how this game is broken. An AI,player,mummy, or whatever you want is divided by the following section.

Head hitbox
Torso hitbox
Leg hitbox
Arm hitbox

There may be more specific hitbox, but hell, that may be save for later.

The way a bullet damage works are all related each together.

In this particular explanation. We will use the torso hitbox as our reference.

The torso hitbox as absolute reference, where we will consider no negative factor or bonus coefficient.

Enough of the chitchatting.....

Head damage= trunc(1.7*torso damage)
Torso damage= torso damage
Leg damage= trunc(0.8*torso damage)
Arm damage= trunc(0.8*torso damage)

Tested with m24, Mp5, G36.....
Yet, that's not all. I am pretty sure, the damage system is also related to the range fired. I could pull the formula or something like that. Will just need when I am up to.

Example of torso damage.

M24= 75 damage on torso which leads 60 damage on arms and leg, and 127 headshot.

G36=33 on torso,26 in the limbs, 56 headshot.

Mp5=30 on torso, 24 limbs and 51 as headshot.

Now, special guns and shotgun are more delicated.
For shotgun, the pellets are randomly dispersed, as a result, it will be difficult to test.
Technichally, the damage system is similar to this

Where k is the damage

For rocket, this is the subject I haven't bother touching yet. I have no experience with rocket freak killing, I don't know how the splash system work. Simple as that.