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May 21st, 2011, 08:04 AM
AK47 in the game have the most recoil. This means that your first shot of the target to be very accurate, in general, preferably two to three bursts hair. This will be able to get a lethal and control the best balance.

Some of the basic use of AK.

One. Standing shooting.

This is the most common method of a shooting, standing shooting better than moving the target enemy fire, in the use of this method should pay attention to the situation around you, not only to observe the enemy's situation, but also noted that his teammates around situation, and your location, because when you target large, easy to find the enemy.

II. Squatting shot.

AK47 for beginners, this shot is very good choice. When you squat down and shoot, it will become more prospective heart gun

Small, will help target, while squatting so that your target shooting smaller, hard to be hit. Class in the shooting game, hit the spot is different, the amount of deduction * is also different, in at least a case, the amount of deduction * in order were: the head, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet, five parts, of course, be used in the different effects of firearms are not the same. So that when your body is squat, the target becomes smaller, chest, abdomen, legs and other parts of the relative on the list, hit the enemy in you, you reduced the amount of the deduction *, of course, hit the head, standing firing and squatting is an end shot. In the second, or want to start shooting for beginners to start squatting can help you quickly improve the hit rate.

III. Mobile Shooting

Moving, hit the enemy than in the rest of them the probability of the hit rate dropped a lot, on the contrary, if you are shooting or squatting power radio stations, and easier to shoot the enemy you. AK47 at the beginning of the CS players to learn the choice of two shooting methods, or better, but when you use the AK47 for some time, you can contact move. Shooting back and forth by moving around to evade enemy movement, but keep in mind one thing: Guns of the prospective heart must always keep the enemy's body. We need to do is to fully play AK powerful, penetrating power of the characteristics of the mobile which shot to play as much when the enemy's body, if not complete his life, but also for your teammates to create conditions and opportunities . Of course, waiting for you through a period of training, will also feel in some cases moving storm which hit the enemy head shot of fun!

IV. Jump shot

To be honest, I am also relatively less, because the stability of jump shot far worse than the first three. Do not believe? Players can fire jumping against the wall, the wall shows the bullet holes must be sixes and sevens, and fly incomprehensible. But sometimes after the close, the use of jump shooting skills but it will bring about unexpected results, the enemy will be your sudden appearance scared the jump shot, your AK front sight must be maintained at the enemy's body, After a while swept, made after the AK powerful force, it is easy to storm the enemy's head. Of course, if your marksmanship is good enough, in the jump, the shot the first storm of feeling is very wonderful!

AK47's basic shooting methods are: fire, burst.

One. Strafe

If you use the AK47 fire against the wall, you can very carefully to all fighting in a dense area. Fire fire is characterized by strong, powerful, penetrating well ~ give hide behind the door, wooden box, or thin the enemies behind the walls of great harm, even kill opponents. In the course of fire, should be aimed at the enemy's head, and then drag the crosshair to the chest slightly higher position. As AK made after the powerful force of power and, in the fire process is very easy to set the enemy to death.

II. Burst.

Burst is divided into single-round burst and 2-3 round burst.

Using the single burst of players need to have sufficient accuracy. Each shot first serve, we must fight against the enemy in the head. The enemy is not very far in the case, you can maximize your rate of fire, even to the fire level. Obviously, we have hit the enemy head of each hair is not very easy. So using a single method, not many players burst, even HeatoN rarely use this method. Therefore it is recommended to make use of 2-3 players made the burst. This is against moving enemy in the distance are often used. 2-3 fat every shot, try to find a shelter, keep moving, dodge. In addition to hungry single shot sniper rifle, there is no other more suitable for this gun rules. As the first shot made after will give you power, so can not guarantee success in the premise, the first shot can be said that life and death, so be sure to aim before firing, do not like using that does not like the recoil of the gun around random sweep. 2-3 issued in the burst, in general, as long as the target enemy's neck cloth area, the first issued after the injection, AK47 recoil will raise your sight, so in later shot in the head. Although you may be anxious to hit the enemy fired the first shot in the head, but the recoil of the shot makes you more likely to focus on the back of the head of the enemy. AK47 in the practice of shooting methods learn to understand there are so many, in the end the use of any of it? In my opinion, to point a variety of circumstances, such as distances, two sides of the form, your location, the level of the opponent, he held the types of guns, and your reaction, consciousness, and so on. But no matter what you are in an environment, regardless of which method, if effectively kill the enemy, save the self, is the best method.

Long distance - single burst

In the distance - plus two rounds of single burst bursts

- Three rounds in the distance or four rounds bursts bursts

Bursts of five rounds at close range ----

Close distance from the pressure gun fire ----

As the saying goes "Practice makes perfect." I think, to use a good AK47, the key is to their own practice more, to understand the characteristics of AK47, trained to feel or after very convenient to use. In the specific practice and competition among them, but also according to their actual situation, with its own characteristics and the level to suit their style of play. Hope this article has been keen to help the player AK47, players also welcome to discuss with me the other AK47 usage.
Credits To Jordan Tee.

May 21st, 2011, 03:36 PM
Wasn't there this exploit in pretty much every gun, that let you move and still have this sniper accuracy.
Someone confirm me, but crouching+ moving and fast clicking with AK47 give a sniper accuracy?

May 21st, 2011, 03:59 PM
Answer is No. Walk and Run can give you a better accuracy by moving left and right

June 12th, 2011, 11:43 AM
very nice tut

June 12th, 2011, 06:05 PM
I can't understand half of what he's trying to say. Tutorials are for derps, Just figure out your own method. Pay attention to your kick-back,your bullet-spread what's hitting. Simple like a dimple.

June 12th, 2011, 09:21 PM
Make a video.

June 13th, 2011, 05:10 AM
Yeah, I want to see a video. Not some two-bit video killing scrubs either. :]

June 16th, 2011, 05:12 AM
scrubs like youself