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May 21st, 2011, 03:57 PM
1) Drag Shot (DS)
What is Drag Shot? Aim for the air, but i AIM to use the mouse to face the enemy
The imporantance of DS:
A. (Top) and predicited primary (Lower) the actual position of the enemy
Fixed an error Sniper's DS importance of complementing me.
B. The importance of DS2, by moving the sniper has no effect. Aim at the enemy an opportunity to move.
C. DS Tip: 1. Mouse Pads, and Hand Position: Recommanded Mouse Pad are Razer Goliathus or Steelseries Mousepad.
Go to Control Panel> Mouse> Pointers Option> Disactive Enchance Pointer Precision
M.A.T's Mouse Acceleration Off
DS Tip 2: Understand and Focus the migration routes of the enemy.
DS Tip 3: IMPORTANT: Always swing back to its original postion.
2) Jumping, Benefits of Jumping
Sometimes Jump Attack to Interference, it can completely divert.
The jump can only fly in various directions in the Space Key, Furtherwalk walk, run, speed can be adjusted by the weight of the weapon.
3) SR, Jump Knife Cases (Those skill names are Koreans)
Tooru Hiroshi Goto, Jump in one direction to move, shoot after landing. Run-Up with Knife> SR> Jump ONCE> Shoot
Tsujanpu, Appear before the enemy sees you performing Tsujanpu and therefore more speed out, it is good to put a knife with a running start. Run-Up with Knife> SR> Jump Twice> Shoot
Kangejanpu, Jump once and run slow, SR dimensional worlds to walk or reverse, hold down the jump.
Walkujanpu, By walking, Scope and Shoot
4) Swapping
During you carrying a Sniper Rifle and shoot, Swap to Knife or Pistol, It can faster switch to scoping mode again
5) Half Shots
When you got injure like left 10+HP, those are Half Shots. Remember, always focus the body, legs have Half Shots when you shoot them. GOLDEN AWP WON'T HAVE HALF SHOTS.
6) Mouses
When you need a pro mouses like Razer, Logitech and Steelseries.
You can adjust the DPI and set more buttons. But Steelseries are the best.

Special Thanks And Credits To Jordan Tee.