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June 10th, 2011, 04:09 AM
Hey everyone

Currently im making a Funny Atalanta build :) and remember im having fun doing this :)
str: 116 ( Cel mixed ata Spiked armor +50HP, also enough str for ata 80D shield (110) )
spi: 78 ( perf MP ATA devine i found )
tal: 90
agi: rest/ split with Health
Health: until im happy with my HP
Dunno if ill change stats if i ever reach lvl 100 :P ill worry about that later

Skills: Tier 1-3
Trowing mastery: 10 because its standard
ToV: 10 also because its standard
Farina: 5 reason: plan was to lvl up killing minis ( enigma force and 10 speed )and completely jump over DS-S1-S2 and hopefully go straight into I2 parties. ofc doing the quests for 7x-8x in S1-S2 and with all the myst mana dropping in the mini events ill have to use it some how, instead of going back to ric and have shop open for hours at a time
Windy: 10 also because its standard
Split/Twist: rest havent made up my mind yet. Heard Split gives the most damage, but also heard that there are some demon monsters in the later maps where twist jav's +30% extra dmg to demons might be handy
Storm: 1 im not gonna be doing SoD
Tier 4:
HoV: 10 So I atleast contribute with something to the I2 parties.
Veng: 10 Best 1on1 Ata skill
Frost Jav: rest because i heard that dmg boost from frost jav, can be used with farina.

Now for some questions for the Pro's:
1. Age or cel/mix 8x javelins ?
2. Is there a way to calculate how much more dmg i do with 10 speed instead of 8 ?
3. What do you think about this build :P ?

June 10th, 2011, 04:15 AM
It depends on what aging level you can reach. I you can age your javelin to +12, for example, I would say age it. But if you think you won't come higher than +8, I would celesto mix it.
Also, if you're adding health you do not really need the added hp from mixes. However you do need some attack power because you will have lower agility. I would prefer age it. Unless, again, you think you won't get it higher than +8