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June 18th, 2011, 03:20 PM
just a few strategic thoughts regarding underground massacre
(if something similar has already been posted i will take no offense if this gets deleted)

so far i have found that the perfect game consists of 4 players.. 8 can tend to get convoluted from time to time with everyone fighting to up there k/d rate.

if no one plays the role of sniper the best arraignment is two to a side
while randomizing your position slightly to throw off the chances of becoming a fixed target. one to a side can easily hold both sides with little to no problems so long as you are quick and sniper support in this case can be a major benefit and everyone wins because your Kill rate goes way up.

there is also a trick regarding the right hand position, if you crouch and push yourself right up against the wall slowly moving into the open slightly past the corner you can sit there unharmed and pick them off one by one with head shots almost infinitely.

the second trick that i found doesn't always work.. if they are rushing from one or the other side and if you shoot between them they always line up in a row and if you have a good gun you can take them all out at the same time removing the problem quickly before they come up behind you from the opposite side.

another trick is when they are hiding just behind the wall facing the spawn point if you point your gun directly at the space just at the edge of that wall and keep firing in short bursts it tends to take the enemy out pretty quickly without anyone being damaged since they always run for cover when being fired at and it also makes it helpful that they run back and forth into and out of the open eating your bullets without having the ability to get off a single shot :)

there is one more trick to help keep you alive longer in game and improve your k/d if you quickly pop up over that wall and back down to get a good fix on where everything is at you can preline up your gun while crouched so that every time you pop back up firing you will just about always get a kill out of it and since they always line up your k/d is awesome by the end of the game

anyway i hope that this was somewhat helpful to someone out there.. i don't expect that it will work perfectly for everyone since we all play this thing differently and have our own perspectives on it

see you all in game :)