View Full Version : Game Arena 10k Gold FFA Tournament! Free-To-Enter.

July 18th, 2011, 12:00 AM
Game Arenav3.1.0 (http://www.GameArena.us) (scroll over tournaments at the top, then click the m.a.t 10k gold ffa tournament)

Welcome! This is a Mission Against Terror FFA tournament, 1st place will receive 10,000 gold, this is a free to enter tournament, so no money out of pocket to enter! Sign up now! Tournament starts July 30th 2011(7/11/11) at 7pm EST so you have a lot of time to tell your friends! Prize will be given out within a week after the tournament is over. More details will be given along the way, look out for more team and ffa tournaments. If you get bored, try out the 1v1 ladder as well, if there is enough people playing, might add end of the season prizes. Also, if any GM is looking at this, the tournament/ladder script I have is quite advanced and would be a lot easier for the redefined drafts, #justsayin' :P.

July 18th, 2011, 06:29 AM
4/16 spots filled, lets keep it up guys!

July 18th, 2011, 02:18 PM
Only problem I got with 1v1 ladder is that the players can decline the request for 1v1....

July 18th, 2011, 09:51 PM
Coherent, I know back in the day we didn't end on a strong note, but I'd be happy if you'd like to help me out with this, you seem to still be very knowledgeable about competitive m.a.t, that could help get people on the site and tweak the settings for the players best experience.

July 18th, 2011, 09:54 PM
By the way, if you would like for the opposing team to not know who you are and they will be forced to play you if they want to play a match at that time, you could post a challenge in the match finder.

July 19th, 2011, 03:17 PM
I'm just not really a big fan of the 1v1 ladder

July 20th, 2011, 02:30 AM
Well, if we could get teams to actually compete, like if we had a community like WOGL who already have their teams and ready to have website clan matches, then there would really be no need for the 1v1 ladder.

January 11th, 2014, 04:20 PM
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