View Full Version : Weekly Clan Battle Winners - Jul.14 to Jul.21 - -FORFEIT-

July 21st, 2011, 03:48 PM
Points are being forfeited this week due to scores not being reset properly the previous week. The top clan has a score of just over 30K when last week they were at 18K. The exact difference is 11650 points, so that's 11650 points that they've earned for just this week... and I have a hard time believing that no other clan scored more than this over the previous week(but of course I can't tell because we have totals over 2 weeks and not 1).

This is the reason why we're skipping out on clan battle winners this week. In light of this, here are the running totals for this month:

Week 1: Arcanum - 14347 Points
Week 2: Nexus - 18736 Points
Week 4: ?

This means that all clans still have a shot at being the winning clan for the monthly winners rewards, because next week is the last week of this month.