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July 31st, 2011, 12:31 AM
Build SwordHammer FS (Wepons 105)

Hello dear American friends, My name is LOM_BR I play Brazil Priston Tale (BPT), started in the old server of American, VERY long time ago, and I come from share build of FS with you.
VERY times some updates specific EPT are brought by members of OUR forum, as the skins of the sword and the hammer 105 sunnyz hair done.
May I advance I apologize for translation text, not speak English, and what little I know I learned in that time played EPT, hair translate Google translator and hope that you stay at least understandable. The text comes to u for FS Build Alternative, which aims to offset the problem with the fast ax skill, which is no correctly running with 8 speed axs.
I looked at the forum and saw that some are using sword FS, no one else is using hammer.

Ax Vs Sword, pros and cons: (only for level 105 weapons!)

All FS know of the speedy no Axe skill is not working with weapons 8 speed (105 and Quest). In fact it until it works, BUT only in the speed of DT in the AC and BC, which is what interested, she not works . algum reason. Including, most are fast switching to concentration ax, 9 points for having invested only give DT No compensates faster.

I used to think that the AC all read is in speed max, and that occasioned that bug (handful from skill work with DT), now you start drop of 105 items, I was lucky to drop My sword.
Following the respective first, wk stone she was honored FS / 1 (sorry that bad stats) and thought: let test?
And no surprise was My immediately use the sword to feel the speed changed.

No. I am to speculate, so did the test the timer, and for every 5 strokes of the sword, I taked 5 seconds but hatchet 6 seconds from ax. It seems little? For Issus means that every 5 ax blows, 6 voices of a sword, every 1 minute breaking uninterruptedly, the sword has 12 more hits to the ax.

As I tried sword formerly used by the critic because I calculated and recalculated the advantages and disadvantages, even considering the speed wk I thought to use, with the rate at which the move would u joke u consideration became serious. Let the pros and cons to using a sword:

Sword gained 1 over the speed gained enough critical sword (started with the most 3 and up 1 each 2 Ages) and that some don’t now: sword has more3 of than block that ax (vocals wears No. 17 with the shield block, and only 3 ess too).

Ax has more minimum damage and maximum of approximately 100 and a minimum of 20 maximum (in his actual damage) depending on your level. Ax has more attack rate, starting with about 20 more, and rising to 5, but every age and of course, DT has ax.

frequent some errors:
Folks think VERY sword NON ADD earned master's skill Melle, frustrated, yes add swords have won, she's earned the No. bonuses CLASS, um bonus is that they all gained CLASS use his own weapon. Kina gained with sword, pike with a scythe and FS with ax. in compensation, the spec of the attack power level is ax / 7, the sword is level / 6, that all moust offset the bonus of CLASS, leaving little for losing the sword, being that Issus increases with their level.
Some though fink No. sword gained from Concentraion add, have won so, behold Outline gained is the hammer.

some considerations:
To Outline scared was with the lowest minimum damage (100 damage is quite fink) remember I'm talking about the damage of char, and behold the gun and if the sword has a rather more critical, and it's attack critical, the damage is approximately the maximum, we differentiate DOING be relatively less considerable.

Another fink, if you actually decide to use the sword and from time to abdicate Destroyer, left over to put points on the fury, and being actually would give the sword more than the maximum damage ax, adding to the fury and reducing damage to differentiate the minimum, it is clear that u lose abs.
No. Should you want to shoot still exists DT an interesting option, which is the Hammer. hammer has the most critical of that ax, but block, has enough damage but most of the (compensated for the bonus CLASS, St. 103 of damage against the ax 99) and the BEST all, has 9 speed. A DT provided hammer is stronger than the ax, considering the same stats and level of aging (remembering that DT has critical ADD DOING high minimum damage again be considered less).

I have unique opportunity to test um ax and sword like u and at the same level of aging (ax+8 -0-1 and sword +8 -1-0), and behold the result; Im FS level 108, with DT 10 and Brutal Swing 7.

Test timing the time of death of the mob even lost, with ax and sword.
I wore only AC sword and ax, the ax always killed in pins 30 seconds (I kill more than 3 or 4 mobs equal) the sword killed in 28 seconds. It may seem little, but 2 seconds are 2 hits the next mob but, because the sword Issus +8, and + aging is more critical.

After test ax sword against using DT and AC. Using DT too ax in time behold was made, ranging from 28 to 34 seconds. even with the BEST time possĂ*ble, he was still equal to the sword.

Now what really impresses, it was time I did the killing with ax for DT and AC sword, did time 24 seconds, using the BEST of both arms.
FS would be the end, two arms two hands, and I imagine even more damage by using the hammer to ax.

For ending, Sword has enough extra bonus Very interesting, which is the speed of mature Aging. mature ag sword too fast, you behold idea we do, 1 example was the time it took for +16 Aging, were exact 15 minutes. The No. +17 STEP 25 minutes too.

Actual I use Sword + Hammer, with sword +17 and hammer +14, my critic of parchment using criticize this 51% in the AC. If My Brutal Swing Is 10, By 56% of critical. that is more critical than normal attack.

FS currently several of my Server is using that Build, all agree that it is superior to up and many in PVP too.
There is here in BPT a rumor that if you use the fast ax skil level 7 she correct the problem of speed and 9 speed allows, take that topic Issus to ask if it is true and if you use that skil in this way.

July 31st, 2011, 01:24 AM
lol, in the first time that i did my fs(february,2011) i thought in do that becuz of speed of hammer and speed and critcal of sword.

but i dont have lvl yet to test, do u have some video in pvp using the hammer?
sword i already tested, when i was 9x i could kill a lot of 10x using titan sword with gv and base agi build.

i always liked to use sword instead axe cuz i dont use destroyer, i can kill very well with just gv,maybe seeing how is DT using hammer may change my mind.

(eu cheguei a comentar com um amigo ha uns meses atras em fazer isso, de repente vejo seu topico e penso "nao acredito que alguem teve a mesma ideia" uauha.)

July 31st, 2011, 03:22 AM
you mean that sword +hammer is better than sword + axe..??
for pvp and pve?? is it tested and proven?

July 31st, 2011, 02:37 PM
you mean that sword +hammer is better than sword + axe..??
for pvp and pve?? is it tested and proven?

What really matters is how much skillz the thing between the chair and the computer has. If you're good enough to switch between weapons to dish out your combos, then it's for you, if you think switching your weapons takes pot time, then it's not a good idea. It's all personal preference. I'm not 105 myself but this build sounds epic. I gotta try it when I get there.

July 31st, 2011, 03:57 PM
destroyer with hammer should be better than axe becuz of speed 9, so destroyer ll spam faster and it will be harder to pot.

August 1st, 2011, 04:23 AM
lag makes a difference.

and oh the hammer is not a bad idea, but a Dragon Axe is still more that the 105 hammer.

August 7th, 2011, 03:02 AM
Tested and proven.
Here are some pictures of my sword and hammer age process from the server Brasil Priston Tale.
Suggest to the fighters here to test the build :D

+16 :D

+17 :D

+18 :D

+19 :D

+16 :D

+17 :D

+18 :D

August 7th, 2011, 05:54 AM
Already discussed many times. Nothing new. Am using this build long ago..