View Full Version : AI Mode Stage 6 - Mummies

August 3rd, 2011, 02:18 PM

It's Mummies vs Humans in Stage 6 of AI Mode! Stage 6? Yes Stage 6! We're jumping ahead just a bit. With all the excitement over Hybrid Invasion, we thought we'd continue the trend with something similar. Stage 6 works like most AI Mode stipulations, you have a set amount of reserves, and you gotta down enough AI-controlled mummies to win. Hate playing as the mummies in Terminator Mode? We think you'll love Stage 6 of AI Mode then!

Stage 6 takes place across the two Terminator Mode maps on offer, The Asylum and Metro Airport. The mummies you'll go up against are every bit as deadly as they are in Terminator Mode... except that you're not Terminators in Stage 6, so the risk of dying is much greater! Put your mummy-slaying skills to the test in 'Cursed Air' and 'Condemned Spirits'!