View Full Version : seeking permanent clan.

August 11th, 2011, 10:13 AM
let me first say im in no rush....
what i want in a clan.
1. active.
2. english speaking.
3. most have mic's.
4. FUN!
5. adult. (meaning if i call you a dbag or drop an F bomb you wont get your panties in a twist.)
6.honest. (has to be said ive seen some shady stuff in clans)
7. last but most important.. LEGIT!

what can you expect from me for atleast the next 90 days... i hope longer..
*good ghost player
*assault player
*good with many types of strategies and always willing to learn more.
*active (as much as i can be with working 3rd shift)
*decked out in items.
*pro hybrid always willing to go many rounds for the clan
*ton of silver
*willing to help those that want it.

list of clans i have been in.
i liked them all and the players ive met along the way.

i would like to play against/with a clan before i join because i do want it to be more of a permanent move for me..

any who... thanks for looking..